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Rainbow Model D4C Complete System (Refurbished)

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Brand: Rainbow®
Manufacturer: Rexair
Item Number: D4cu
Condition: Refurbished
Availability: Out of Stock
Warranty: 10 Years
Model: D4C
Voltage: 120 AC
Weight: 40lbs 0oz

Rainbow Model D4C Complete System (Refurbished)



Everyone in your family, including those with asthma and allergies, will appreciate the Rainbow® Cleaning System.

Independent laboratory testing has scientifically proven:

  • The Rainbow removes a significant amount of allergen from carpeting.
  • The allergen that is removed cannot escape. It stays in the water basin.
  • The Rainbow does not experience a reduction in allergen pick-up in a partially filled water basin.
  • The Rainbow user is not excessively exposed to allergen while emptying the water basin.

The D4C is a smaller unit compared to the D3 with fewer parts and less chance of wear. It offers increased performance with decreased size. With less parts, there is less chance something will fail.

This model carries a complete 10 year labor warranty and pickup service at your doorstep. If something should go wrong, all you have to do is call our toll free number and our specialists will help you troubleshoot or schedule a pickup.


Our refurbished systems are done by factory authorized technicians so you can feel confident you are getting what you pay for. If you are looking for a Rainbow to last the next 10-20 years without an issue, then understand we have that same thought in mind when doing our rebuilds.


We are the ONLY company on the internet that can make this claim! (Message us if you find anyone else!) All of our rebuilds are done with factory original parts. Over the years, many improvements have been done and we perform all upgrades on our refurbished units before sending to you. This ensures you get the best performance and durability that Rainbow has to offer.

If you experience a problem that cannot be simply handled over the phone, we will have your unit picked up at your home the next day for free.

All warranty work is done the same day.

Compared to the D3:

  • Easier to Service;
  • Costs Less to Service;
  • Smaller;
  • Lighter;
  • Less Parts.
OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer 30 Day Money Back Guarentee Low Price Guarantee - RainVac

Included Items:

Image Item Name Item # View
Dolly Asm, D4/D3/D2 1 x Dolly Assembly R4150 Quick View
Water Pan, 2 Qt, D4/D3 1 x Water Pan, 2 Quart R6854 Quick View
Floor Brush Asm, 10 Inch 1 x Floor Tool Assembly R8058 Quick View
Dusting Brush Asm 1 x Dusting Brush Assembly R14409 Quick View
Upholstery Tool Asm 1 x Upholstery Tool Assembly R14318 Quick View
Crevice Tool, v2 1 x Crevice Tool R15280 Quick View
Crevice Tool, v1 1 x Crevice Tool R8056 Quick View
Hose Asm, 7 Ft, D 1 x Standard Hose Assembly R6621 Quick View
Wand, Curved, Chrome, D 1 x Wand, Curved, Chrome R2807 Quick View
Wand, Straight, D 1 x Wand, Straight, Chrome R933 Quick View
Wand, Bottom, D 1 x Wand, Bottom, Chrome R934
Power Nozzle, R4375/R2800/R1650 (Head Only) 1 x R-Series New Head Only Power Nozzle R4375A
Wand, Straight, R4375/R2800/R1650 1 x Wand, Straight, Power Nozzle R5066 Quick View
Inflator Tool Asm 1 x Inflator Tool Assembly R14317 Quick View
Coil Cleaner 1 x Coil Cleaner R4142 Quick View
Cushion Bag, 38.00 x 54.00 1 x Cushion Bag R13442 Quick View
Manual, English, D4C 1 x Manual, Rainbow R2763
Manual, English, R2800C 1 x Manual, Power Nozzle R2862

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