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Rainbow Vacuum E2 Type 12 Black Series Main Unit Accessories

4.9 out of 5 based on 2127 reviews.

Give every floor in your home the best clean possible by choosing the right accessory! Choose the RainJet for tile and hardwood floors, or attach one of the RainbowMates or Power Nozzles for any type of carpet or rug.

You can even clean your windows and mirrors just by adding the sprayer attachment and filling it with a cleaning solution!

    Best Seller
    Dusting Brush Asm, Oval
    Dusting Brush Asm, Oval
    Item #: R14876
    This complete oval-shaped dusting brush attaches to every model Rainbow system and dusts hard to reach areas with soft, scratch-free bristles.
    Price: $18.33 USD
  • Massage-Air / Pet Tool
    Item #:R16840
    Perfect item to clean your dog or cat. Soft tips on the tool are stiff enough to help comb the hair but soft enough to not harm your pet. August 2019 was a design change to help with simplifying fit and function. Fits all models of...
    Regular: $16.80 USD
    Online: $10.34 USD
  • Electrified Wand Asm, SD, Short
    Item #:R16710
    Standard self docking electrified wand assembly for the SRX (RHCS19) and Black Series (E2 Type 12) version Rainbow system. Delivers electricity to the PN-3 and PN-12 power nozzle. Length is 16.75 inches (42.5 centimeters) REVISED:...
    Regular: $58.50 USD
    Online: $36.00 USD
  • Electrified Wand Asm, SD, Long
    Item #:R17225
    Optional longer self docking electrified wand assembly for the SRX (RHCS19) and Black Series (E2 Type 12) version Rainbow System. Delivers electricity to the PN-3 and PN-12 power nozzle. Length is 19.25 inches (49...
    Regular: $70.20 USD
    Online: $43.20 USD
  • Water Pan, 2.5 Qt, E2
    Item #:R10236
    Your Rainbow is useless without the Water Basin (Pan). Here is a 2.5 quart original factory replacement for all e2 and E-2 (e SERIES™) model vacuums.
    Price: $41.65 USD
  • Water Pan, 4 Qt, E2 Black Series
    Item #:R14325
    Factory original OEM four quart water pan. This water pan will only fit the R14002 dolly assembly that came standard with the model E2 Type 12 Black series. This WILL NOT FIT any other version so be sure your dolly has (5) casters to...
    Price: $46.68 USD
  • Floor Brush Asm, 12 Inch, SRX/E2
    Item #:R14410
    This floor and wall brush came standard with the SRX and E2 Type 12 (Black, Silver, and e2 Gold (2nd version)) that came with two R7484 straight stainless wands. If you have a first version e2 Gold or an E-2 (e SERIES™) that came...
    Price: $23.44 USD
  • Floor Brush Asm, 15 Inch, E2
    Item #:R14364
    Clean bare floors more efficiently with this fifteen inch floor tool for use with your E2 Type 12 (e2 Gold), silver, or black model Rainbow.
    Out of Stock
  • Dusting Brush Asm
    Item #:R14409
    Clean every surface without worry due to the soft and delicate cleaning bristles of this dusting brush. This item fits every model Rainbow.
    Price: $17.97 USD
  • Attachment Caddy, E2, v2
    Item #:R15156
    With this attachment caddy built for the E2 Black series, you can now store all of your accessories in one place. The attachment caddy has been changed slightly, starting at serial number 20317204 on the E2 Type 12 Black series...
    Regular: $15.93 USD
    Online: $9.80 USD
  • Upholstery Tool Asm
    Item #:R14318
    Clean your stairs, sofas, chairs and more with this Upholstery Tool which fits all model Rainbow systems from 1936 to current production.
    Price: $21.45 USD
  • Crevice Tool, v2
    Item #:R15280
    Clean edges and hard-to-reach areas with this handy tool. Also great for along sofa cushions and baseboard. Use the crevice tool around the edges of the room or any tight area that the standard wand cannot reach. This version has...
    Regular: $11.44 USD
    Online: $7.04 USD

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