Rainmate & Rainbow Vacuum Fragrances (Single Bottles)

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Make your Rainbow or Rainmate pull double duty by adding a few drops of our fragrances to the water basin and say goodbye to sprays and candles!

We carry a wide range of fragrances that include everything from delicate baby powder, clean linen, and even holiday aromas like candy canes, pumpkin pie, and fresh baked apples!

Each bottle contains the following:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol - 1% to 10%
  • Fragrance Compound - 10% to 20%
  • Ethyl Alcohol - 65% to 75%
    Best Seller
    Apple Cinnamon
    Item #:82045
    Say goodbye to lingering pet odors on furniture and carpet and hello to the fresh aroma of apples and cinnamon.
    Price: $4.99 USD

  • Item #:82015
    Soothe your senses with a touch of almond fragrance. Just a few drops in your RainMate is all you need!
    Price: $4.99 USD

  • Item #:82065
    Get ready to treat your family to the aroma of fresh baked apples without having to spend all day in the kitchen.
    Price: $4.99 USD

  • Item #:82995
    The sweet and exotic fragrance of brandy currant is sure to impress your guests by adding unique and luxurious scented notes to your home.
    Price: $4.99 USD

  • Item #:82035
    The refreshing and aroma of apple blossoms will make your home smell as fresh and wonderful as a warm spring day.
    Price: $4.99 USD

  • Item #:8452
    Banish unpleasant odors in your home by adding just a few drops of the warm and sweet fragrance of apple spice.
    Price: $4.79 USD

  • Item #:8453
    Get rid of stale odors and make any room in your house smell powdery fresh with the clean fragrance of baby powder.
    Price: $4.79 USD

  • Item #:82055
    Get ready for a brand new fragrance that will delight family and friends! Try the aroma of bayberries today and find out why it is a must have!
    Price: $4.99 USD

  • Item #:8489
    Scent your home with our newest home fragrance, Black Gold. This exotic musky fragrance will bring hints of sandalwood and patchouli into your home.
    Price: $4.79 USD

  • Item #:82066
    Everyone loves the sweet rich smell of homemade buttercream. Now you can scent your home with this decadent fragrance in minutes.
    Price: $4.99 USD

  • Item #:82095
    Make your holiday gatherings feel even more festive by using a candy cane fragrance in your home while you vacuum.
    Price: $4.99 USD

  • Item #:8485
    Experience the essence of the great outdoors with the rich woodsy smell that our cedar scented home fragrance can lend to any home.
    Price: $4.79 USD

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