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Rainmate & Rainbow Vacuum Fragrances (Single Bottles)

4.3 out of 5 based on 638 reviews.

Make your Rainbow or Rainmate pull double duty by adding a few drops of our fragrances to the water basin and say goodbye to sprays and candles!

We carry a wide range of fragrances that include everything from delicate baby powder, clean linen, and even holiday aromas like candy canes, pumpkin pie, and fresh baked apples!

Each bottle contains the following:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol - 1% to 10%
  • Fragrance Compound - 10% to 20%
  • Ethyl Alcohol - 65% to 75%

    Best Seller
    Apple Cinnamon
    Apple Cinnamon
    Item #: 82045
    Say goodbye to lingering pet odors on furniture and carpet and hello to the fresh aroma of apples and cinnamon.
    Price: $4.99 USD
  • Bayberry Delight
    Item #:8493
    Looking for a fragrance that is unique and a little unusual for your home? Look no further than Bayberry delight! This unusual scent has a pleasing combination of woodsy and slightly fruity notes, with just a hint of fresh pine. Use it...
    Price: $4.79 USD
  • Eucalyptus, 16 oz.
    Item #:R17897
    If you LOVE Eucalyptus, and wish there was a larger bottle, then look no further. 16-ounce bottle ready for use in your Rainbow, RainMate, and diffusers in your home or commercial setting.
    Price: $35.04 USD
  • Mint
    Item #:8443
    A nice blend between spearmint and peppermint. When you don't want it to feel like Christmas, but enjoy the scent of peppermint year around. Works with many different water based cleaning systems such...
    Price: $4.79 USD
  • Sandalwood
    Item #:8469
    The rich scent of our sandalwood fragrance will turn any room into a fragrant oasis. Use while cleaning to permeate the air with a sweet musky aroma.
    Price: $4.79 USD
  • Spearmint
    Item #:8446
    Nothing banishes odors more than the cool clean smell of spearmint. Use anywhere a minty fresh touch is needed with your Rainbow Vacuum or RainMate.
    Price: $4.79 USD
  • Single, Apple Blossom
    Item #:R14934S
    Get a single bottle and keep the sweet and floral scent of apple blossoms on hand all the time. Perfect to bring the scent of spring to any room in your home or office.
    Price: $5.72 USD
  • Single, Berry
    Item #:R14936S
    Fresh berries can always be in abundance. Now available in a single bottle so you don't have to purchase four at a time. Can be used in all Rainbow vacuum models or the RainMate Air Purifier.
    Price: $5.72 USD
  • Single, Eucalyptus
    Item #:R14935S
    Get a single bottle of the fresh, cooling scent of eucalyptus. Can be used in both the Rainbow and RainMate.
    Price: $5.72 USD
  • Single, Gardenia
    Item #:R14942S
    The sweet and spicy aroma of this gardenia fragrance will add a gentle and pleasing fragrance to any room in your house. Now available in a single bottle so you can mix and match with your Rainbow or Rainmate.
    Price: $5.72 USD
  • Single, Lavender Juniper, Luxury Collection
    Item #:R15022S
    Many smells are nice but few have that unique combination that really makes you notice. Lavender Juniper has that combination that you would surely agree with. Scent your home with the smell of Lavender Juniper that is now available...
    Price: $5.84 USD
  • Single, Lemon
    Item #:R14937S
    Fresh lemons are always a popular home fragrance for their crisp, clean and refreshing scent. Now available in a single bottle so you don't have to purchase four at a time. Can be used in all Rainbow vacuum models or the RainMate Air...
    Price: $5.72 USD
  • Single, Mandarin Rosewood, Luxury Collection
    Item #:R15020S
    Scent your home with the smell of Mandarin Rosewood that is now available as a single bottle. Can be used in the Rainbow or RainMate. The sweetness of mandarin oranges pairs with spicy aromatic rosewood for a luxury fragrance that...
    Price: $5.84 USD

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