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Rainbow Vacuum Model D4C Aquamate I Carpet Accessories

4.7 out of 5 based on 14 reviews.

Replacing parts in your D4C AquaMate I attachment has never been so easy! Find a new squeegee, adaptor, or even the wand or attachment and just watch how big of a difference it makes!

Replacing these parts can be a money saving option if the accessory is just worn out and needs a little care.

    Best Seller
    Wand, Straight, Plastic, AM I
    Wand, Straight, Plastic, AM I
    Item #: R2846
    Plastic straight wand that will fit all AquaMate I systems. An upgrade to the plastic wand is the R5426 stainless steel wand. Click on "Related Items" tab to view.
    Price: $13.65 USD
  • AquaMate I (Refurbished)
    Item #:R4615u
    You don't need to sacrifice quality to save money. Purchase this refurbished AquaMate I shampooer today for your D-series Rainbow.
    Out of Stock
  • Wand, Stainless, AM II/I
    Item #:R5426
    Fits the AquaMate II and all version AquaMate I systems. Select the options dropdown for either stainless steel or plastic wands. Stainless steel allows you to be more aggressive with cleaning your carpet without the fear of...
    Price: $33.48 USD
  • Squeegee Adaptor
    Item #:R8297
    Use the Squeegee spray adaptor to allow the use of the AquaMate I to spray floor cleaning solution. DIRECTIONS: Slide adaptor on the Rainbow Squeegee stainless wand; Use the same method as normal and attach the AquaMate I to...
    Out of Stock
  • Squeegee Brush
    Item #:R5085
    This brush accessory for your squeegee attachments allows a thorough and heavy-duty cleaning of carpets, rugs, and upholstery.
    Price: $9.20 USD
  • Tank, Water Pump, AMI
    Item #:R4620
    This portable tank allows you to hook your AquaMate I up and go anywhere you wish. Great for when you have a unique faucet that will not allow connection or if you are in an area without a water supply source close by.
  • Squeegee Sponge
    Item #:R5083
    Replace the bristles on your squeegee attachment with a sponge for easier and more thorough cleaning of hard floors and linoleum. Original replacement squeegee sponge attachment. Best for use on light soil and dusty floors. NOTE:...

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