Rainbow Vacuum Power Nozzle Model PN-2 Accessories

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A new Power Nozzle can sometimes make a huge difference when it comes to cleaning carpets. Over time, your PN-2 (Performance Edition) accessory can get worn out, and may not always pick up as much as they should.

Another common problem is that the electric hose and handle gets worn out, which is why they should be checked often. We carry replacement hose and handle kits in lengths of 6 and 12 feet.

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    Electric Hose / Handle, 8 Ft, PN2/R4375
    Item #:R5826
    Standard factory original OEM 8 foot electric hose that fits the following models: PN-2 / R-4375C / R-2800C* / R-1650C* *Cord length should be cut down to 43 inches for proper configuration on R-2800C and R-1650C models. This...
    Price: $165.74 USD

  • Power Nozzle, PN2 (Head Only)
    Item #:R5825A
    Replace a broken or worn power nozzle head without buying the complete system. This PN-2 power nozzle head works with later D-series models.

  • Wand, Straight, PN2
    Item #:R5661
    Long straight wand that includes the channel guide for the PN-2 power nozzle. Length is 31.50 inches (80.01 centimeters) If your button lock is damaged or broken, you can now replace just that item with the quick button lock shown...

  • Electric Hose / Handle, 12 Ft, PN2/R4375
    Item #:R5394
    This hose fits the D4C SE (Special Edition) PN-2 and R-4375C power nozzle. Call us for details if you would like to fit this hose to your R-2800C or R-1650C power nozzle. The extra length is a real benefit for the...

  • Item #:R13823
    Upgrade your power nozzle without purchasing a new vacuum! This converted system features wands and hoses that are compatible with older D-models.
    Price: $392.79 USD

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