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RainMate & Rainbow Vacuum Fragrances / Scents

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Choose from classic aromas such as vanilla, citrus, or pine, or liven things up with exotic blends that will turn your home into a tranquil retreat!

You can even blend the best fragrance oils to create something unique! Available in both single bottles or as a pack, these scents are perfect for anyone who wants a long-lasting aroma in their home.

A volume discount is available within the Single category, making it easier to get your favorite fragrances for less!

Volume Discount:

  • 12 - 23 (10%)
  • 24 - 35 (15%)
  • 36 - 47 (20%)
  • 48 - 59 (25%)
  • 60 and up (30%)

We offer Fragrance LTD and Rogers Consumer Products as an excellent Rainbow vacuum fragrance oil alternative to the 4 packs.

Works with many different water based cleaning systems such as:

  • Rainbow
  • ProAqua
  • Roboclean
  • Karcher
  • OceanBlue
  • Pigg
  • Hyla
  • Aqua Air
  • Delphin
  • Thermax
  • Robert Thomas


  • Potpourri Pots
  • AC / Furnace Filter
  • Automotive

Refresher Accents 2-ounce bottles include both a spray cap and drop-top that allow:

  • General spray on a traditional vacuum bag, in your vehicle, and even on wood stoves.

If you do get the Fragrances, LTD 1.6 ounce bottle, the spray cap from the Refresher Accents brand will fit.

NOTE: You may wonder why Rexair (Manufacturer of the Rainbow) or your sales representative warns about only using approved fragrances. The reason is plastic is very susceptible to chemical attacks.

Unapproved fragrances can make the water pan or even the main housing brittle and crack. They could also stain or cloud the water pan.

Foaming could cause the Rainbow to run off balance and either trip the thermal cut-off or place extra wear on the bearings and motor.

While we would love to tell you that a certain off-the-shelf fragrance will work, Rexair can only test its product and guarantee that the user will not have an issue.

RainVac was part of the testing process back in 1998 when the e SERIES was first introduced. The new clear water pan was made of a different chemical makeup than the previous versions. The new water pan was cracking at an alarming rate from the approved Rexair fragrances.

Our task was to field test different formulas until a new combination of ingredients stopped the damage to the water pan yet kept or, in some cases, improved the overall fragrance and longevity.

(Just imagine what it is like to add an entire bottle of eucalyptus into a water pan without water...didn't take us long to start doing our testing outside. 3 story, 90,000 square feet, and everyone in the building thought the VICKS manufacturing plant moved in!)

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