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Rainmate & Rainbow Vacuum Fragrances / Scent Pack

4.7 out of 5 based on 467 reviews.

Pick up more of the fragrances you love with our convenient multi-packs for Rainbow Vacuums. Choose from our most popular fragrances such as orange, pine, vanilla, spice, even apple blossom!

If you're new to using fragrances, we even carry an assorted pack that lets you try out the most popular fragrances. For those who prefer the exotic, we even have a luxury collection that includes Tea Tree Mint, Mandarin Rosewood, Orange Ginger, and Lavender Juniper.

These fragrances are also perfect for the Rainbow RainMate air purifier.

Each 2 ounce bottle contains the following ingredients:

  • Aromatic Oils - 4% to 10%
  • Hexylene Glycol - 2% to 7%
  • Dipropylene Glycol - 83% to 94%

    Best Seller
    Pack, Eucalyptus
    Pack, Eucalyptus
    Item #: R14935
    Soothe your senses with the calming and healing aroma of eucalyptus now in a four fragrance pack. Use it while cleaning or as an air freshener.
    Price: $21.79 USD
  • Assorted, Tropical Collection
    Item #:R18100
    For the outdoor sun and fun personality, we now offer 4 new fragrances: start out with some sun, have a few coconuts, add in some sand, and finish off in the ocean! Four clean air and fresh breeze fragrances await you in this topical...
    Price: $22.79 USD
  • Assorted, Fragrances
    Item #:R14500
    Get an assorted four-pack of fragrances from the many different varieties to keep up with the changing of the seasons or just your mood. Not sure what fragrances to choose to scent your home or office? Now with our assorted...
    Price: $22.79 USD
  • Assorted, Luxury Collection
    Item #:R14955
    Enhance your home with four rich luxury fragrances to enliven your senses: tea tree mint, mandarin rosewood, orange ginger, and lavender juniper. Four exotic and enchanting fragrances await you in this luxury collection...
    Price: $22.79 USD
  • Lavender Juniper, Luxury Collection
    Item #:R15022
    Sweet relaxing lavender and strong spicy juniper complement each other perfectly in this luxury fragrance meant to freshen any room.
    Price: $22.79 USD
  • Mandarin Rosewood, Luxury Collection
    Item #:R15020
    The sweetness of mandarin oranges pairs with spicy aromatic rosewood for a luxury fragrance that will make your house smell like an oriental dream. Scent your home with the smell of Mandarin Rosewood. Can be used in the Rainbow or...
    Price: $22.79 USD
  • Orange Ginger, Luxury Collection
    Item #:R15021
    The sweet and spicy oriental scents of orange and ginger in this luxury fragrance will give your home or office a long lasting pleasing aroma.
    Price: $22.79 USD
  • Tea Tree Mint, Luxury Collection
    Item #:R15019
    Cool, invigorating tea tree oil meets refreshing mint for a first class fragrance that will bathe every room in your home with the scent of luxury.
    Price: $22.79 USD
  • Pack, Apple Blossom
    Item #:R14934
    Purchase our four-pack apple blossom fragrance today and make your home or office smell as refreshing and sweet as a warm spring day.
    Price: $21.79 USD
  • Pack, Berry
    Item #:R14936
    Get the delicate sweet scent of berries in your home anytime. Purchase the four pack of our berry home fragrance today.
    Price: $21.79 USD
  • Pack, Gardenia
    Item #:R14942
    Now sold in a set of four, the sweet and spicy aroma of this gardenia fragrance will add a gentle and pleasing fragrance to any room in your house. Never run out of your favorite scents again. Purchase a cost-efficient and convenient...
    Price: $21.79 USD
  • Pack, Lemon
    Item #:R14937
    The clean scent of fresh lemons is not just for the kitchen anymore. Purchase our four pack lemon home fragrance to make your home lemony fresh.
    Price: $21.79 USD

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