Rainbow Vacuum AquaMate I Model D4 Carpet Cleaner Parts

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Give your AquaMate I the parts it needs to keep your floors clean. Replace damaged connection or brushes with new ones and find out what you've been missing when clean.

We carry every OEM factory part for this shampooer attachment and even the decals that go on it!

Below are images breaking down the complete D4 version AquaMate I. Click on each area of the system to get a more in-depth view.

Effective serial number "?" with a start date of April 1986 through serial number 2499999 and an end date of April 1990.

  • Complete Assembly

    This category covers the complete Rainbow Aquamate I (D4) assembly that includes the handle kit, hose attachments, and solution bottle.

  • Fluid Control Assembly

    This category covers the complete Rainbow Aquamate I (D4) fluid control assembly that includes the control rod, trigger, and bottle fill button.

  • Optional Equipment

    This category covers the Rainbow AquaMate I (D4) optional equipment that includes the faucet adaptor kit, stainless steel wands, and stem swivel kit.

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Locating a Serial Number on the Rainbow®

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