Rainbow Vacuum RainbowMate RM-12 (Black) Parts

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RM-12 (Black)The RainbowMate is a popular attachment because it is lightweight and easy to use. It can reach underneath furniture, and even clean mattresses with ease. If it is used to pick up pet hair and other heavy messes, it may need a new belt more often.

To check, carefully inspect the bottom of the attachment while the unit is powered off. If it has signs of heavy wear, simply click below to order a new one.

Below is a complete break down of the RM-12 Black version RainbowMate. Click on the number or the item to get a more in-depth view.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
  • Item #:R14396
    This RM-12 black model RainbowMate attaches to your e2 Black (E2 Type 12) Rainbow system and makes cleaning small spaces such as stairs or shelves...
    Price: $129.99 USD

  • Item #:R13417
    OEM factory belt for the RM-12 RainbowMate. Previous models used a geared belt but this model creates more torque and thus requires a smooth belt....
    Regular: $4.03 USD
    Online: $2.48 USD

  • Item #:R13412
    Replace a damaged brush roll without spending the money for a whole new part. This brush roll fits the RM-12 RainbowMate.
    Regular: $23.14 USD
    Online: $14.24 USD

  • Item #:R13432A
    Motor for the model RM-12 Black and Silver version mini-power nozzle RainbowMate.
    Regular: $52.98 USD
    Online: $32.60 USD

  • Item #:R15142
    The electric lead and connector allows power to get from the self docking wands to the motor in your model RM-12 RainbowMate. This lead is for the...
    Price: $11.70 USD

  • Item #:R14402
    Lower housing for the RM-12 Black version RainbowMate. This part is what all the internal parts connect to.
    Price: $8.42 USD

  • Item #:R14403
    Upper housing for the RM-12 RainbowMate. This part needs to be removed in access your belt for replacement or brush roll for service.
    Price: $13.91 USD

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