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Rainbow Systems Miscellaneous Items

4.9 out of 5 based on 930 reviews.

The items listed in this category will fit many different Rainbow vacuum models and attachments.

From the RainMate that allows you to add fragrance or air freshner to the air, or a storage bag for your AquaMate or other attachments and accessories.

    Best Seller
    Button Lock, Stainless, SRX/E2
    Button Lock, Stainless, SRX/E2
    Item #: R12587
    Factory original genuine button lock assembly that connects all the metal wands together. This item has had several revisions. Effective serial number 1160328 domestic and 1685730 international. The wider current version compared...
    Price: $1.17 USD
  • Cord, Electric Hose, 18 Inch
    Item #:FA-3085
    18 inch pigtail cord for the generic R5826 electric hose assembly. This item can also be cut and hard spliced onto the OEM PN-2 and R-4375 electric hose.
    Price: $17.85 USD
  • Cord, Electric Hose, 8 Inch
    Item #:FA-3095
    8 inch pigtail cord for the generic R5826 electric hose assembly. This item can also be cut and hard spliced onto the OEM PN-2 and R-4375 electric hose.
    Price: $12.67 USD
  • Strainer, Water Pan
    Item #:R10633
    This water strainer is a great tool to help filter thick material which collects in the water pan. Compatible with any and all Rainbow models.
    Price: $19.58 USD
  • Squeegee Blade, Mini
    Item #:R12085
    Clean your windows with ease with this squeegee attachment for use with your upholstery tool for a streak-free shine every time.
    Regular: $11.18 USD
    Online: $6.88 USD
  • Squeegee Asm, Stainless
    Item #:R9565
    Replace your dirty mop and bucket with this complete squeegee assembly which attaches to your Rainbow vacuum.
    Regular: $76.86 USD
    Online: $51.24 USD
  • Cushion Bag, 38.00 x 54.00
    Item #:R13442
    Place your couch cushion, pillow, stuffed animal inside this bag and use the upholstery tool to vacuum out all the air. Refresh your items like new. This handy plastic bag is sized to fit even your largest pillows. Place cushion...
    Regular: $9.10 USD
    Online: $5.60 USD
  • Kit, Fan / Tube, RainMate
    Item #:R11404
    Save money by purchasing this repair kit for your damaged RainMate home air freshener. This kit includes a replacement fan and tube that FITS ALL VERSIONS of the RainMates. If your fan or tub assembly becomes damaged or covered with...
    Price: $12.35 USD
  • Separator Brush, D
    Item #:R841
    Separator brush that will work on every model Rainbow ever made. This came standard with all versions up until the E-2 (e SERIES™).
    Out of Stock
  • Adaptor, Self-Docking
    Item #:R14963
    Adapt your PN-2E version 3 (three-finger trigger) and version 4 (four-finger trigger) to Black series attachments. Will work with the Black version PN-12 Power Nozzle (w/ wands), RM-12 RainbowMate, RJ-12 RainJet, or AM-12...
    Regular: $7.80 USD
    Online: $4.80 USD
  • Conversion Cord, Two to Three Prong
    Item #:R4901
    Conversion cord that will allow you to purchase a newer design power nozzle system and connect it to the older D3A, D2A, and late version D2 model Rainbows. This conversion cord has a smaller two prong female end and a wider two...
    Out of Stock
  • Electric Hose / Handle, 8 Ft, Conversion PN2E to D4/D3/D2
    Item #:R9597
    ATTENTION: THIS IS A SPECIAL HOSE. UNDERSTAND YOUR MODEL RAINBOW AND MODEL POWER NOZZLE BEFORE YOU ORDER. Please call our tech. team at 800-640-2033 or e-mail at if you need assistance. If you want to attach a...
    Price: $164.95 USD

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