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Original Equipment ManufacturerWhen you purchase a premium vacuum cleaning system, you should expect peak performance for several years. RainVac’s Rainbow Vacuum Cleaning System provides you with premium value for your money. We strongly recommend using only factory-authorized parts to keep your cleaning system in prime operating condition.

There are three reasons why equipment typically fails: heat, moisture, and contamination. Using after-market reproductions of parts can jeopardize both the performance of your machine and its usable life. Here are a few points you should consider when purchasing replacement parts for your Rainbow system:

Generic (aftermarket) brand reproductions aren't precise

After-market parts are simply replicas, manufactured via a process called reverse engineering. That means they have bought an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part, taken measurements and attempted to duplicate the part with their own manufacturing process.

Too often, the measurements aren't accurate enough and they may not take into consideration the expansion and contraction of parts when affected by temperature or moisture. Thus, when the generic (aftermarket) part is used, gaps may develop that allow leakage of moisture or dirt which can have devastating effects on the machine.

Dirt blow-by can infiltrate the equipment that would normally be prevented by using approved OEM parts. Moisture can get into your machine, wreaking havoc with electrical components and seals. Moisture can also cause significant leaks which result in expensive damage costing you more money in the process.


The materials used to produce after-market parts are typically cheaper and lower quality than those used in OEM parts. These cheaper materials result in rapid wear and breakdown, which can generate serious damage to your machine. For instance, generic (aftermarket) water pans may break easily and after-market power nozzle motors will generally last many years less than the OEM version.

Non-approved items can void your warranty

If your system is still under warranty, utilizing non-approved replacement parts can invalidate your warranty. The quality of the parts we use allow all of our items to carry a 3 to 8 year warranty. You can rest assured that our OEM items are not only of the highest quality, but that if you experience a problem, we will make it right.

The price difference is minimal

Finally, the cost difference between most of our genuine items and generic (aftermarket) counterparts is minimal…certainly not worth risking damage to your system or voiding your equipment's warranty.

Remember, factory OEM items undergo extensive quality assurance and functional testing. That's why we can offer the substantial warranties that we do. Generic (aftermarket) parts are typically just spot-checked for dimensions and obvious defects.

As you browse through our site, you will see the below seal on the vast majority of our items, which is our guarantee that you're ordering an original factory manufactured item. Don't accept any of the above risks just to save a few dollars.

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