Rainbow Vacuum RainbowMate RM-2 Parts

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RM-2The Rainbow D4C SE (Special Edition) brought with it a new attachment, the RainbowMate. This clever accessory is popular with many owners, which is why so many want to keep theirs working for as long as possible.

The best way to do this is to change out the belt and brushes when they start to wear out.

Below is a complete break down of the RM-2 RainbowMate. Click on the number or the item to get a more in-depth view.

Effective serial number 0000001 with a start date of April 1990 through serial number 1109999 and an end date of August 4th 1998.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
  • Item #:R4954
    Clean smaller carpeted areas such as stairs or shelves easily with the RainbowMate. This compact cleaning tool fits right onto your Rainbow.
    Price: $68.99 USD

  • Item #:R4879
    Geared belt for the RM-2E and RM-2 RainbowMate. This part should be replaced once every five years unless you find that it is damaged or you...
    Regular: $6.24 USD
    Online: $3.84 USD

  • Item #:R4873
    Torn bristles or a damaged brush roll could decrease performance in your RainbowMate. Purchase this replacement for the RM-2 and RM-2E models.
    Regular: $22.95 USD
    Online: $14.12 USD

  • Item #:R4887
    Motor pulley for the model RM2E and RM2 RainbowMate.
    Regular: $5.82 USD
    Online: $3.58 USD

  • Item #:R4882
    Motor for the model RM-2E and RM-2 mini-power nozzle RainbowMate.
    Regular: $52.98 USD
    Online: $32.60 USD

  • Item #:R4885
    Motor isolator strip for the model RM2 RainbowMate.
    Price: $1.04 USD

  • Item #:R8453
    Circuit breaker (.80 amp) for the RM-2E and RM-2 RainbowMate. Early version RainbowMates were sold with a .63 amp rated breaker which was found to...
    Price: $15.28 USD

  • Item #:R4889
    Electric cord for the RM-2 RainbowMate. This cord is also a great replacement for the R5826 or R4147 electric hose / handle assembly. Not a...
    Regular: $13.07 USD
    Online: $8.04 USD

  • Item #:R1775
    This connector is used on various models of the Rainbow, power nozzle, electric hose, etc. This is the smaller of the two sizes used in various...
    Price: $0.52 USD

  • Item #:R4893
    Lower housing for the RM-2 RainbowMate. Two screws hold this part together with the upper housing assembly. The lower housing is what holds the...
    Regular: $8.52 USD
    Online: $5.24 USD

  • Item #:R4891
    Top housing assembly for the RM2 RainbowMate.
    Regular: $13.07 USD
    Online: $8.04 USD

  • Item #:R4890
    Manifold for the model RM-2 RainbowMate. This part covers the motor and wiring harness by two screws that attach to the lower housing assembly.
    Regular: $7.28 USD
    Online: $4.48 USD

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