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Rainbow Vacuum Water Pans, Basins, Bowls, & Tanks

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All Rainbow vacuum systems use a water pan. That is what separates it from a traditional vacuum. From 1955 to current production there are only three different water pans.

If you want to upgrade to a larger 4 quart water pan, it again only a choice between three versions.

This item has different terms as in water pan, water basin, water bowl, and water tank to name a few.

    Best Seller
    Water Pan, 2 Qt, D4/D3
    Water Pan, 2 Qt, D4/D3
    Item #: R6854
    Original OEM factory 2 quart water pan that fits the model D4 SE (Special Edition), D4, and D3 Rainbow vacuum. Does NOT fit the model D2. This item replaces discontinued item numbers R2809 (D4), and R1556 (D3). Some versions may...
    Price: $43.20 USD
  • Water Pan, 2 Qt, SRX
    Item #:T1029
    This is the original OEM factory 2-quart water pan for the SRX series model RHCS19 Rainbow vacuum cleaning system. Currently the SRX does NOT have a larger water pan. The moment one does become available, we will update this...
    Price: $66.98 USD
  • Water Pan, 2.5 Qt, E2
    Item #:R10236
    Your Rainbow is useless without the Water Basin (Pan). Here is a 2.5 quart original factory replacement for all e2 and E-2 (e SERIES™) model vacuums.
    Price: $41.65 USD
  • Water Pan, 4 Qt, E2 Black Series
    Item #:R14325
    Factory original OEM four quart water pan. This water pan will only fit the R14002 dolly assembly that came standard with the model E2 Type 12 Black series. This WILL NOT FIT any other version so be sure your dolly has (5) casters to...
    Price: $46.68 USD
  • Water Pan, 4 Qt, E2
    Item #:R7895
    The larger water pan has several benefits. Fits models E2 Type 12 (Silver, e2 Gold), and E-2 (e SERIES™). NOTE: Does NOT fit the Black Series Dolly which has 5 wheels and not 4 like the models above! It is designed for heavy duty...
    Price: $58.98 USD
  • Water Pan, 2 Qt, D2
    Item #:R601
    This standard 2-quart water basin fits the D2A, D2, and D model Rainbow. DOES NOT FIT any other model.
    Price: $77.53 USD
  • Water Pan, RainMate (Blue)
    Item #:R10851BL
    SEE LAST SENTENCE FOR COMPATIBILITY! Has your water basin for your RainMate become damaged? Purchase this factory replacement today. If you have damaged your RainMate water basin in the dishwasher or are discolored from use, then...
    Regular: $23.73 USD
    Online: $14.60 USD
  • Water Pan, 4 Qt, D4/D3
    Item #:R2823
    This larger, four-quart Water Basin (Pan) for the D4 and D3 model Rainbow. Quickly tackle heavy-duty jobs while changing the water less often. The larger water pan has several benefits: Designed for heavy duty jobs when the...
  • Water Pan, 5 Gal, D4/D3
    Item #:R1745
    Basement flood? Here is the water pan for the job. 5 gallons of capacity to deal with the amazon river running into your house. Constructed from aluminum to help handle a commercial enviroment.

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