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Cleaning tough stains and tackling foul odors in the home just got easier! Try out the AquaMate Shampoo the next time you have a stubborn spot on the carpet or the Rexafoamer Shampoo if you have a stain on your furniture and watch how quickly it comes up!

If lingering odors are a problem, try the Fresh Air Concentrate and start enjoying the fresh air again in your home! With the Rainbow being the pioneer in the industry of water filtration vacuums, they also are a leader in the quality of supplies as well.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
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Fresh Air Concentrate
Fresh Air Concentrate Item #:R14698

Neutralize odors in the air by dispensing a small amount of this Clean Air Concentrate into your water pan. Your home will smell fresh and clean.

Price: $17.69 USD

  • Item #:R14406
    This shampoo is made exclusively for use with the AquaMate shampooing system which cleans and deodorizes your carpets.
    Regular: $16.50 USD
    Online: $15.90 USD

  • Item #:R14866
    Use this solution with your squeegee or RainbowMate system. The low-sudsing make-up allows for effective and mess-free cleaning of your bare floors.
    Regular: $17.88 USD
    Online: $13.35 USD

  • Item #:R15000
    Get a two ounce trial size bottle of our best selling supplies to see how well they work in your home. Eucalyptus; AquaMate Shampoo (Great...
    Regular: $23.60 USD
    Online: $19.26 USD

  • Item #:R15962
    This 2 ounce bottle of AquaMate shampoo is a perfect solution for spot cleaning or for use with your MiniJet system.
    Price: $4.95 USD

  • Item #:R14953
    The fresh air concentrate works with your Rainbow Vacuum or RainMate to deodorize and freshen the air in your home. Now available in a 2 ounce size.
    Regular: $4.95 USD
    Online: $4.94 USD

  • Item #:R15295
    This cleaning solution is perfect for your RainJet and squeegee accessories to clean your floors efficiently without mess. Now in a 2 ounce trial...
    Price: $3.00 USD

  • Item #:R14704
    This shampoo works specifically with your Rexafoamer tool to remove dirt and grime easily and completely from your upholstery, carpets, and rugs.
    Regular: $19.50 USD
    Online: $16.54 USD

  • Item #:E569
    Kill germs and make your home spring fresh with this deodorizing agent to use in conjunction with any Rainbow Vacuum system.
    Price: $16.24 USD

  • Item #:R2484
    The AquaWet solution was designed to help reduce the surface friction of the water and allow "non-wettable" substances to be absorbed. These...
    Price: N/A

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