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Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Model E-2 e SERIES

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Everyone in your family, including those with asthma and allergies, will appreciate the Rainbow® Cleaning System.

Independent laboratory testing has scientifically proven:

  • The Rainbow removes a significant amount of allergen from carpeting.
  • The allergen that is removed cannot escape. It stays in the water basin.
  • The Rainbow does not experience a reduction in allergen pick-up in a partially filled water basin.
  • The Rainbow user is not excessively exposed to allergen while emptying the water basin.

This category shows only the e SERIES of Rainbow vacuum cleaners and are in the E-2 model line.

We carry both new and factory certified refurbished to choose from. You can also select a NEW MOTOR option on the REFURBISHED model to get a like new system at a greatly discounted price.

These systems include all the standard attachments that are needed to clean your home from top to bottom.

    Best Seller
    Rainbow, E-2, eSERIES, Complete (New)
    Item #: E-2c
    The Rainbow water filtration is something that you have to see to believe. Once dust and dirt get wet, it can't go back into the air. This system is also great for spot and stain removal in carpet and upholstery. The e SERIES has...
    Price: $1,585.40 USD
  • Rainbow, E-2, eSERIES, Complete (Refurbished)
    Item #:E-2cu
    Our refurbished systems are done by factory authorized technicians so you can feel confident you are getting what you pay for.
    Out of Stock

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