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Rainbow Vacuum Model SRX Motor Design Parts

This category covers the complete Rainbow model SRX motor / pump assembly that includes the bearings, gaskets, separator, rotor, and stator.

  • Nut, Separator, SRX
    Item #:T1101
    Factory OEM separator nut for the model RHCS19 SRX series Rainbow system. Full plastic nut with a brass insert to ensure a snug fit that will not easily strip. NOTE: Due to the robust design and increased torque of the SRX motor,...
    Price: $4.08 USD
  • Separator, SRX
    Item #:T1100
    Original OEM factory separator for the model RHCS19 SRX series Rainbow vacuum. This part is very important to the working of the system. It separates the air from the water. It throws the water back into the water pan and allows the...
    Price: $19.08 USD

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