Rainbow Vacuum Power Nozzle R-1650C External View Parts

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This category covers the complete R-1650C power nozzle assembly that includes the hose, slide valve guide, and electric cord.

This version uses a TWO prong power cord for connection to the Rainbow.

Effective serial number "?" with a start date of June 5th 1982 through serial number "?" and an end date of April 1986.

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Hose Asm, 7 Ft, D
Hose Asm, 7 Ft, D Item #:R6621

Standard OEM factory replacement 7 foot 18 yarn hose that fits the D4C SE (Special Edition), D4C, D3C, D3A, D2A, D2, and D model Rainbow system. ...

Regular: $43.54 USD
Online: $37.08 USD

  • Applique, Left, R1650
    Item #:R1729
    Silver applique that has two holes for the circuit breaker and power light.
    Price: $2.54 USD

  • Strain Relief, R2800/R1650
    Item #:R3418
    This strain relief has been discontinued and replaced with the improved R4053 design. This original design was inferior with its short...
    Price: $1.98 USD

  • Item #:R1999
    Top curved wand for the R-2800C, R-1650C, R-1650A power nozzle. This wand does not have the suction control sleeve. Even though it might be...
    Price: $25.86 USD

  • Item #:R1045
    This replacement cord strap keeps the power cord, which runs from the power nozzle to the main unit, attached to the hose.
    Price: $2.58 USD

  • Item #:R2775
    Original factory OEM slide value guide part. This item works with the slide valve to help control air flow. On the high setting, all airflow...
    Regular: $7.77 USD
    Online: $4.78 USD

  • Item #:R1990
    It is important to have your slide valve in good shape as it helps redirect the air flow to create maximum performance.
    Regular: $2.21 USD
    Online: $1.36 USD

  • Item #:R4988
    Original factory OEM power nozzle housing. Current revision for the model R-1650A and R-1650C power nozzle. Both models use the exact same parts,...
    Price: $48.39 USD

  • Item #:R2496
    Factory OEM electric power cord for the R-2800C and R-1650C power nozzle. Total length is 138 inches measuring from outside the power nozzle...
    Price: $32.14 USD

  • Item #:R1714
    Power cord that came standard with the R-1650C power nozzle. Measures a total of 40.5 inches from tip to tip.
    Price: $21.32 USD

  • Item #:R1717
    If the extension cord for the R-2800C or R-1650C becomes damaged or frayed, this two-prong factory replacement makes an easy fix.
    Price: $33.02 USD

  • Item #:R4053
    Strain relief bushing for the model R-4375C, R-2800C, R-1650C, and R-1650A power nozzle. This is an upgrade for the R-2800C, R-1650C, and R-1650A...
    Price: $2.39 USD

  • Item #:R2795
    Worn bumpers on your power nozzle can cause damage to your floors or furniture. Replace your damaged bumper here.
    Price: $15.88 USD

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