Rainbow Vacuum E2 Type 12 (Silver) Hose - Dolly Assembly Parts

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This category covers the complete Rainbow e2 Silver standard hose assembly that includes the hose, coupling kit, latches, seals, and screws.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
  • Item #:R12780K
    Hose coupling kit for the non electric hose connection. If you didn't remove any screws to get this coupling removed from the hose, then this is...
    Regular: $17.13 USD
    Online: $10.54 USD

  • Item #:R13443
    Complete dolly assembly for the E2 Type 12 (e2 Silver) Rainbow system. Some structured improvements around the latch area have been applied...
    Regular: $45.67 USD
    Online: $34.26 USD

  • Item #:R8052
    This standard seven foot hose allows for wet pickup and easy use with attachments.
    Regular: $43.68 USD
    Online: $37.36 USD

  • Item #:R9254C
    Double the length of the standard 7 foot hose that comes with the Rainbow system. Very nice for reaching your ceiling fan without holding the...
    Regular: $64.09 USD
    Online: $48.74 USD

  • Item #:R13076
    This standard hose fits all E2 Type 12 and E-2 Rainbows. The longer thirty foot design has many advantages.
    Regular: $155.19 USD
    Online: $95.50 USD

  • Item #:R13447
    Dolly latch with the applique that matches the E2 Type 12 (e2 Silver) model Rainbow.
    Price: $5.85 USD

  • Item #:R7371
    Heavy spring for the E2 Type 12 (e2 Black, Silver, Gold), and E-2 (e SERIES™) version Rainbow system dolly latch.
    Price: $0.89 USD

  • Item #:R4149
    This dolly wheel came original with the E2 Type 12 (e2 Silver, Gold), E-2 (e SERIES™), and the D4C SE (Special Edition) Rainbow vacuum. Be sure...
    Regular: $5.20 USD
    Online: $3.20 USD

  • Item #:R10831
    Fix dolly wheel and instructions for the e SERIES and e2 Rainbow system.
    Price: $8.55 USD

  • Item #:R10797
    This optional fixed dolly wheel has been designed to not pivot and provides better tracking during travel across low profile carpet and non...
    Price: $5.79 USD

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