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HEPA Filter for E-2 e SERIES™ First Version - TRUE H13 Medical Grade

4.7 out of 5 based on 17 reviews.

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Brand: Rainbow®
Manufacturer: Rexair
Item Number: R7292
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
Warranty: 3 Years
Weight: 0lbs 8.6oz

HEPA Filter for E-2 e SERIES™ First Version - TRUE H13 Medical Grade
HEPA Filter for E-2 e SERIES™ First Version - TRUE H13 Medical Grade

Original OEM factory True H13 class Medical Grade HEPA filter (Neutralizer) for the single speed E-2 (e SERIES™) Rainbow unit. If you did not have to remove 4 screws to replace your filter, this is the WRONG PART!

Click here to go to correct part!

Effective serial number 9000000 with a start date of August 5th 1998 through serial number 9279999 and an end date of March 26th 2000.

Some early versions may show R-7295 on the outer gasket. The bulk item number for this is R-12107B. Some websites list this part number for a single item which is incorrect.

Another way to confirm that this is the correct filter is that on some rear cover assemblies, there may be manufacture markings stamped on the inside that include R-7319-x.

HEPA Filters Specifications
HEPA Class Retention (total) Retention (local)
E10 >85% ---
E11 >95% ---
E12 >99.5% ---
H13 >99.95% >99.75%
H14 >99.995% >99.975%
U15 >99.9995% >99.9975%
U16 >99.99995% >99.99975%
U17 >99.999995% >99.9999%

Here is a link to more information about HEPA filters and the fraud within the filter industry...Wikipedia

The NY Times post in their article "Can HEPA Air Purifiers Capture the Coronavirus?" explaining the use of a TRUE HEPA and reduced speed similar to a low speed air filter.

They reference a study done by NASA "Submicron and Nanoparticulate Matter Removal by HEPA-Rated Media Filters and Packed Beds of Granular Materials" which states "...where decreasing the velocity by three-fourths reduces the particle penetration over three orders of magnitude with a corresponding efficiency increase from 99.998% to 99.99998%. In other words, a simple HEPA-rated filter will perform as an ULPA-rated or better filter by simply lowering the flow velocity through the media."

It is better to toss your old filter and not replace it than to buy a generic filter. Generic filters do very little for the air quality while reducing your airflow and performance.

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer 30 Day Money Back Guarentee Low Price Guarantee - RainVac

Latest Item Reviews:

  • 3/5 By Rex Robertson On Sep 27th 2020

    "Paid about $36 for your filter, found it a couple days later on Amazon for $12. Thanks for charging me three times what it was worth!"

  • 3/5 By PH On Sep 4th 2020

    "This filter looked nice but it did not fit my E series RainVac."

  • 5/5 By D J Thomson On Jun 23rd 2020

    "Excellent exact replacement filter. Easy to change, and improves suction."

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