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Rainbow Vacuum Power Nozzle R-4375, R2800, R1650 Parts

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This category covers the entire R-Series line Rainbow power nozzle which includes the R-1650, R-2800, and R-4375 models. The letter after each model represents the country. Only need of concern is the voltage. Non-electric parts will fit the different letter variations.

    Best Seller
    Gasket, Cover / Plate, PN2/R4375
    Gasket, Cover / Plate, PN2/R4375
    Item #: R2003
    This gasket helps prevent air leaks which will reduce your machine's performance. This part can deteriorate and should be inspected during service.
    Price: $3.55 USD
  • Bearing Asm, R1690
    Item #:R1744
    If you experience overheating or squealing in your power nozzle, a damaged bearing may be to blame. Replace easily with this factory replacement. Original OEM factory end bearing / bushing assembly for the model R-4375, R-2800, and...
    Price: $16.74 USD
  • Bearing, Bronze, R1871
    Item #:R4663
    End bronze bearing / bushing for the side belt power nozzle motor.
    Out of Stock
  • Brush Roll Asm, D
    Item #:R1866
    If you experience a loss of performance with your power nozzle, you may need to replace the brush roll.
    Price: $56.42 USD
  • Brush Roll w/ Studs & Seals, D
    Item #:R1690
    Use this brush roll to replace damaged beater bars or worn bristles in your R-series power nozzle to gain back your machine's original performance.
    Price: $28.76 USD
  • Bumper, R4375/R2800/R1650
    Item #:R2795
    Worn bumpers on your power nozzle can cause damage to your floors or furniture. Replace your damaged bumper here.
    Out of Stock
  • Circuit Breaker, R2800/R1650
    Item #:R1747
    Circuit breaker for the R-2800C, R-1650C, and R-1650A power nozzle. Uses the smaller plunger and snaps directly into the main housing.
    Out of Stock
  • Cord Guide, 25 Inch
    Item #:R3520
    Original 25 inch cord guide for the R8538, R7423, R5661 and R5066 power nozzle wand. These wands were standard with models PN-2E, PN-2, R-4375, R-2800, and R-1650 power nozzles. Instructions: Cut the old cord guide in two...
    Regular: $11.05 USD
    Online: $6.80 USD
  • Cord Strap, Hose / Wand
    Item #:R1045
    Replacement cord strap to keep your power cord, that runs from the power nozzle head back the hose and plugs into the main unit, attached to the hose. Standard is five to six straps per application.
    Price: $2.11 USD
  • E-Ring, R3300
    Item #:H527
    This ring holds the clevis pin in place which connects the pivot arm to the housing on all R-series power nozzles.
    Price: $0.39 USD
  • Electric Cord, R4375/R2800
    Item #:R4121
    Total 43 inches, 39 inches outside the main housing, power cord for the R4375 model power nozzle.
    Price: $17.25 USD
  • Extension Cord, R2800/R1650C
    Item #:R1717
    Replacement power extension cord for R-2800C and R-1650C power nozzle. Total length is 101.5 inches. One end is a two-prong receptacle the plugs into the power cord coming from the power nozzle. The other end is a two-prong that...
    Price: $19.66 USD

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