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Rainbow Vacuum SRX Hose - Wand Parts

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This category covers the complete Rainbow model SRX hose and wand assembly that includes the hose, handle kit, latches, seals, and wands.

    Best Seller
    Button Lock, Stainless, SRX/E2
    Button Lock, Stainless, SRX/E2
    Item #: R12587
    Factory original genuine button lock assembly that connects all the metal wands together. This item has had several revisions. Effective serial number 1160328 domestic and 1685730 international. The wider current version compared...
    Price: $1.17 USD
  • Coupling Magnet, SRX, MJ/PN3
    Coupling Magnet, SRX, MJ/PN3
    Item #:T1060
    Coupling magnet for the SRX series model power nozzle electric hose and MiniJet hose connection. This magnet is what connects the hose to the front of the Rainbow.
    Price: $9.56 USD
  • Extension Cord, SD Wand, Short, v2
    Item #:T1097
    SECOND version inner extension cord for the short version self-docking wand. Cord Length (14.75 inches / 37.5 centimeters) Wand Length (16.75 inches / 42.5 centimeters) Fits the spring-loaded wand that came with the Black...
    Price: $10.08 USD
  • Handle Kit, SRX/PN3
    Item #:T1063K
    Handle kit for the SRX series electric hose assembly. Kit includes both the left and right sides.
    Price: $56.97 USD
  • Hose Coupling Spring, SRX, MJ/PN3
    Hose Coupling Spring, SRX, MJ/PN3
    Item #:T1061
    Price: $0.35 USD
  • Screw, Handle, SRX, MJ/PN3
    Screw, Handle, SRX, MJ/PN3
    Item #:T1068
    Price: $0.45 USD
  • Sleeve, Electrified Wand, SD, Short, v2
    Item #:T1096
    SECOND version of the Sleeve/Shroud that covers the electric cord on the SHORT version self-docking wand. Fits the spring-loaded wand that came with the Black series after February 2019 and the SRX systems.
    Price: $8.81 USD
  • Switch, Handle, PN3/PN12/PN2E, v4
    Item #:R13210
    Handle switch for the SRX PN-3, Black series PN-12, and PN-2E version 4 Silver and late Gold electric hose. This part very rarely goes bad. If you have an electrical issue, then be sure to check all locations to narrow down the...
    Regular: $5.43 USD
    Online: $3.34 USD
  • Electric Hose / Handle, 8 Ft, PN3/SRX
    Item #:T1148
    Standard length factory OEM eight-foot electric hose for the RHCS19 SRX version Rainbow and PN-3 power nozzle. The trigger has been improved to assist in use and durability. This design NO longer has the lockout switch on top of the...
    Price: $153.30 USD

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