Rainbow Vacuum E2 Type 12 & E-2 e SERIES Rear Cover Parts

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This category covers the complete Rainbow E2 Type 12 Silver, and e2 Gold series as well as the E-2 e SERIES rear cover assembly that includes the cord caddy ears, retainer, and exhaust cover.

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Screw, #8-10 x .64 Inch
Screw, #8-10 x .64 Inch Item #:H571

This small, common screw is used in multiple locations, including the R-8401 motor in PN-2 and early PN-2E power nozzles.

Price: $0.26 USD

  • Item #:R7383
    Cord caddy assembly for the R7384 rear cover assembly that fits early version model E-2 (e SERIES™). If you have to take four screws out of the rear cover assembly to replace your HEPA filter, then this is the correct part.
    Regular: $13.39 USD
    Online: $8.24 USD

  • Item #:R10523
    This left side cord ear fits the rear cover assembly and keeps the power cord in place. Compatible with the E2 Type 12 (e2 Silver, Gold), and late E-2 (e SERIES™) model.
    Price: $1.82 USD

  • Item #:R10522
    Right side of the cord ear that fits the R10597 rear cover assembly. It attaches to the E2 Type 12 (e2 Silver, Gold), and second version E-2 (e SERIES™) Rainbow. Note: Items H571 (2) and R10535 is required to complete...
    Price: $1.82 USD

  • Item #:R13430
    Exhaust vent plate for the model E2 Type 12 (Silver, e2 Gold) and E-2 (e SERIES™) Rainbow. This part has been improved over the years by first adding a cord wrap hook and then adding an opening behind the cord wrap hook to allow for...
    Price: $6.37 USD

  • Item #:R10597
    This rear cover assembly attaches to the back of your E-2 (e SERIES™) Rainbow and contains the exhaust cover, the cord ears, and covers the HEPA filter.
    Regular: $23.17 USD
    Online: $14.26 USD

  • Item #:R10535
    This small retainer secures the cord caddy ears to the rear cover assembly. For the E2 Type 12, e2 Silver, Gold, and E-2 (e SERIES™) version 2.
    Price: $1.37 USD

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