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Rainbow Vacuum E2 Type 12 Black Series Hose - Dolly Parts - Page 3

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This category covers the complete Rainbow E2 Type 12 Black Series hose and dolly assembly that includes the handle kit, electrified wands, switch, actuator, dolly latch, spring, and wheels.

    Best Seller
    Button Lock, Stainless, SRX/E2
    Button Lock, Stainless, SRX/E2
    Item #: R12587
    Factory original genuine button lock assembly that connects all the metal wands together. This item has had several revisions. Effective serial number 1160328 domestic and 1685730 international. The wider current version compared...
    Price: $1.17 USD
  • Electric Hose, 8 Ft, PN12/PN2E
    Item #:R14459C
    Eight foot factory original OEM electric hose. You can use your existing handle kit to attach to this hose. Fits all E2 Type 12 versions and E-2 model Rainbow as well as their optional PN-12 or PN-2E power nozzle.
    Price: $91.02 USD
  • Electric Hose, 14 Ft, PN12/PN2E
    Item #:R15658
    Fourteen foot electric hose that you can order and replace while using your original handle kit. Many customers upgrade to this length as it allows them to clean ceiling fans and stairs without having to carry the main...
    Price: $186.03 USD
  • Dolly Asm, w/o Wheels, E2 (Black)
    Item #:R14856
    Complete dolly assembly that includes everything except the wheels. Only fits the model e2 Black (E2 Type 12) Rainbow system.
    Price: $52.81 USD

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