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Rainbow Vacuum E2 Type 12 Black Series Hose - Dolly Parts - Page 2

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This category covers the complete Rainbow E2 Type 12 Black Series hose and dolly assembly that includes the handle kit, electrified wands, switch, actuator, dolly latch, spring, and wheels.

    Best Seller
    Button Lock, Stainless, SRX/E2
    Button Lock, Stainless, SRX/E2
    Item #: R12587
    Factory original genuine button lock assembly that connects all the metal wands together. This item has had several revisions. Effective serial number 1160328 domestic and 1685730 international. The wider current version compared...
    Price: $1.17 USD
  • Latch, Dolly, E2 (Black)
    Item #:R14097
    Dolly latch that matches the e2 Black (E2 Type 12) model Rainbow. Please confirm as this part does not fit older version dollies. This item does NOT include the spring. You can order spring under the "Related Items" section.
    Regular: $3.51 USD
    Online: $2.16 USD
  • Spring, .360 OD x .44, Dolly, E2
    Item #:R7371
    Heavy spring for the E2 Type 12 (Black, Silver, e2 Gold), and E-2 (e SERIES™) version Rainbow system dolly latch.
    Price: $0.89 USD
  • Wheel, Dolly, 30mm, E2 (Black)
    Item #:R14092
    Smaller dolly wheel / stud assembly, 30 millimeter, for the Black series (E2 Type 12) Rainbow system. Does not fit older version dollies.
    Out of Stock
  • Wheel, Dolly, 52mm, E2 (Black)
    Item #:R14091
    Larger dolly wheel / stud assembly, 52 millimeters, for the E2 Black (E2 Type 12) Rainbow system. Does not fit older version dollies.
    Price: $8.78 USD
  • Handle Kit, PN12
    Item #:R14989K
    Replacement handle kit for your PN-12 power nozzle. This fits the E2 Type 12 Black series and does not fit previous models. Manufacturer internal part numbers include R14437 (Left), and R14438 (Right).
    Regular: $24.83 USD
    Online: $15.28 USD
  • Vent Door, Handle, PN12
    Item #:R14452
    Suction control slide door for the PN-12 power nozzle and e2 Black (E2 Type 12) version Rainbow. Raise or lower this door to control the suction power for when you are cleaning delicate areas such as window drapes.
    Price: $0.68 USD
  • Vent Seal, Handle, PN12
    Item #:R15322
    The vent seal helps reduce air leaks which can lead to poor performance.
    Price: $0.59 USD
  • Switch, Handle, PN3/PN12/PN2E, v4
    Item #:R13210
    Handle switch for the SRX PN-3, Black series PN-12, and PN-2E version 4 Silver and late Gold electric hose. This part very rarely goes bad. If you have an electrical issue, then be sure to check all locations to narrow down the...
    Regular: $5.43 USD
    Online: $3.34 USD
  • Switch Actuator, PN12
    Item #:R14882
    Actuator switch for the PN-12 model power nozzle electric hose. If you notice that your trigger will no longer come out after being pressed, then this part is most likely damaged and needs to be replaced.
    Regular: $5.33 USD
    Online: $3.28 USD
  • Trigger Lock, Electric Handle, PN12
    Item #:R14453
    The trigger lock for the electric handle on the e2 Black (E2 Type 12)/PN-12 hose assembly. Use this to lock the power on your power nozzle for large cleaning areas.
    Price: $3.45 USD
  • Wand, Handle, Stainless, PN12
    Item #:R14454
    Stainless steel wand for the handle of the PN-12 power nozzle and the e2 Black (E2 Type 12) version Rainbow.
    Regular: $10.21 USD
    Online: $6.28 USD
  • Receptacle / ESD / Switch / LED Harness, PN12
    Item #:R14099
    Receptacle switch harness assembly for the e2 Black (E2 Type 12) Rainbow and PN-12 power nozzle electric hose. This harness is located in the handle of the electric hose.
    Regular: $12.68 USD
    Online: $7.80 USD

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