Rainbow Vacuum D4C Cap Assembly, w/ Spring Loaded Switch Parts

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This category covers the complete Rainbow D4 cap cover assembly that includes the main power switch, handle pad, and inner baffle.

This later version switch has six ports to connect the wires from the power cord, field, and power nozzle receptacle.

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Handle Pad, D4
Handle Pad, D4 Item #:R2584

If your handle pad is worn out, then replace it with this new easy to attach handle pad for your D4C SE (Special Edition) and D4C model Rainbow. ...

Regular: $5.88 USD
Online: $3.62 USD

  • Item #:R3240
    The early version D4C had two screw studs that allowed the handle to break. This version cap cover has four screw studs to prevent the problem...
    Regular: $131.89 USD
    Online: $81.16 USD

  • Item #:R2728
    Factory OEM replacement switch for the D4SE and D4 model Rainbow.
    Regular: $23.14 USD
    Online: $14.24 USD

  • Item #:R2721
    Top handle applique for the model D4SE (Special Edition) and D4 Rainbow.
    Price: $9.16 USD

  • Item #:R2722
    Side handle applique for the model D4C SE (Special Edition) and D4C Rainbow. If purchasing a new cap cover assembly, this part is included. Please...
    Regular: $5.27 USD
    Online: $3.24 USD

  • Item #:R2592
    Applique gold stripe for the cap on the D4C Rainbow. Please look close as there is a clear film on the back that protects the adhesive. Remove...
    Price: $4.68 USD

  • Item #:R2764
    The inner baffle for the D4 helps hide the motor from view through the cap cover as well as directs air flow for cooling the motor.
    Price: $30.36 USD

  • Item #:R3470
    Cap for the model D4C Rainbow Vacuum. This will work with the Special Edition version but matches the standard version.
    Price: $47.78 USD

  • Item #:H515
    This common screw is used in many locations including the D4 model housing assembly and the R-series power nozzles.
    Price: $0.20 USD

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