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This category covers the complete Rainbow D2A and D2 motor assembly that includes the bearings, armature, separator, flange, and carbon brushes.

Effective serial number "?" with a start date of December 1979 through serial number "?" and an end date of March 1980.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
  • Item #:R662
    Original brush holder design for the early version D3A, D2A, D2, and model D Rainbow. Works with the R1552 carbon brushes.
    Price: $3.71 USD

  • Item #:R663
    Brush holder cap for the R662 carbon brush holder. Holds the R1552 carbon brush inside the brush holder. Easier to install with carbon brush...
    Price: $1.37 USD

  • Item #:R2490
    Upgrade your carbon brush kit to the current design. Be sure to add an R2423 and (2) R1455 gaskets to complete the conversion. D3A, D2A, D2, and...
    Regular: $57.95 USD
    Online: $43.80 USD

  • Item #:R675
    Rotating fan for both the original and by pass motor design. This fan is used on the bolt style armature.
    Price: $14.76 USD

  • Item #:R1415
    Cork gasket that fits under the bearing plate and seals bearing plate to the motor housing.
    Price: $1.98 USD

  • Item #:R1455
    Cork gasket for the D3C, D3A, D2A, D2, and D motor housing for use with the carbon brush holders. Helps reduce air leaks to keep maximum performance.
    Price: $1.89 USD

  • Item #:R1795
    It is a good idea to replace your lower shell gasket after each service and repair in order to keep maximum performance.
    Price: $3.74 USD

  • Item #:R1794
    Rubber upper shell gasket for the bypass motor design. Fits under the bearing plate than came standard on the D3C, D3A, and late version D2A model...
    Price: $3.71 USD

  • Item #:R665
    Grommet for the D3C, D3A, D2A, D2, and D model Rainbow vacuum. Helps prevent the wires from rubbing on the motor housing.
    Price: $2.83 USD

  • Item #:R1448
    This main bypass motor housing for the D3C, D3A, and late version D2 model Rainbow has the cooling fins on the outside of the housing.
    Price: $61.52 USD

  • Item #:R1424
    The air deflector is a common item to replace. This item is pressed into place so removal will damage and require a new install.
    Price: $6.44 USD

  • Item #:R1471
    Cover plate for the by-pass motor design that came factory in the late version D2A and all motor versions in the D3C and D3A.
    Price: $3.67 USD

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