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This category covers the complete Rainbow D2A and D2 motor assembly that includes the bearings, armature, separator, flange, and carbon brushes.

Effective serial number "?" with a start date of December 1979 through serial number "?" and an end date of March 1980.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
  • Item #:R1454
    Insulation that is located around the field inside the motor housing for the D3C, D3A, and D2A model Rainbow.
    Price: $3.93 USD

  • Item #:H487
    This wire clamp is used on the D3C, D3A, and D2A bypass motor design. It clips onto the field wire inside the motor housing and is pushed down...
    Price: $0.20 USD

  • Terminal (R1582/R1753), D3
    Item #:R1642
    Ring terminals for the R1753 electric cord and R1582 power nozzle receptacle.
    Price: $4.75 USD

  • Terminal, Field, Power, D3/D2
    Item #:R1853
    Wire terminals for the leads that connect the field to the switch on all D3, D2, and model D motors.
    Price: $1.46 USD

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