Rainbow Vacuum AquaMate II (AM-2) Complete Assembly Parts

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This category covers the complete AquaMate II (AM-2) assembly that includes the handle kit, hose attachments, and solution bottle.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
  • Item #:R5426
    Fits the AquaMate II and all version AquaMate I systems. Upgrade your plastic wands from your AquaMate I to the new stainless steel. Allows...
    Regular: $54.41 USD
    Online: $33.48 USD

  • Item #:R11153
    This solution bottle contains the shampoo and the floor cleaner concentrate in the AquaMate II shampooing system.
    Regular: $4.55 USD
    Online: $2.80 USD

  • Item #:R11893
    Stainless steel button lock for the AquaMate II handle assembly. Can be easily replaced by sliding into the end of the handle assembly and it will...
    Price: $1.24 USD

  • Item #:R11165
    The tubing clip helps keep the water tank supply tube attached to the hose that runs back to the main unit. Normal use is five to six per application.
    Price: $2.41 USD

  • Item #:R11164
    This is the front lens plate for the AquaMate I and AquaMate II small head design. Compare with the large lens to know which version you require.
    Regular: $12.61 USD
    Online: $7.76 USD

  • Item #:R11313
    This complete head assembly for use with the AquaMate I and AquaMate II shampooing system utilizes a small head design to replace the larger design.
    Regular: $65.33 USD
    Online: $40.20 USD

  • Item #:R11163
    Extractor head for the AquaMate II and AquaMate I small head assembly. You must have this exact item in order to use your old clear lens and...
    Price: $49.79 USD

  • Item #:R2262
    Damaged bristles on your AquaMate can reduce your performance and cause scratching. Purchase this replacement for torn or damaged bristles.
    Regular: $4.45 USD
    Online: $2.74 USD

  • Item #:R5398
    Plastic spray nozzle that replaces all brass versions and fits all AquaMate I systems.
    Price: $2.29 USD

  • Item #:R11566
    The valve assembly controls the dispensing of water and soap from the water tank to your floor in the AquaMate II shampooing system.
    Regular: $15.83 USD
    Online: $9.74 USD

  • Item #:R11132
    This fill camp is used on the water supply tank and also the solution bottle to store your unused shampoo solution.
    Price: $1.39 USD

  • Item #:R2264
    No one enjoys clogged spray nozzles. Purchase this clean-out tool to clean out your AquaMate spray nozzle and increase your machine's performance.
    Price: $0.36 USD

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