Rainbow Vacuum AquaMate I (D3) Optional Equipment Parts

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This category covers the Rainbow AquaMate I (D3) optional equipment that includes the faucet adaptor kit, stainless steel wands, and stem swivel kit.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
  • Item #:R2469
    This adaptor is added to the faucet to help extend and ease the installation of the 50 foot hose. Direct factory replacement for previous...
    Price: $7.12 USD

  • Item #:AMKIT
    This faucet kit comes with a variety of gaskets and adaptors to easily fit your Aqua Mate I shampooing system to any type of faucet.
    Price: $13.35 USD

  • Item #:R3283
    Very rare quick disconnect for all shampoo systems that connect to the faucet. If you have a hard to adapt faucet and are unable to find the...
    Regular: $45.27 USD
    Online: $27.86 USD

  • Item #:H559
    Replacement clamp for the R3283 quick disconnect faucet adaptor. Save money and replace the item that is broke and not the entire adaptor.
    Regular: $14.17 USD
    Online: $4.36 USD

  • Item #:R3250
    The garden connection adaptor kit allows you to hook your AquaMate I system up to a laundry sink or outside faucet that has course threads. You...
    Regular: $9.00 USD
    Online: $5.54 USD

  • Item #:R7227
    This faucet adaptor allows for an inside course thread faucet system to attach to the standard fine thread system found on all AquaMate I hoses.
    Price: $14.24 USD

  • Item #:R2090
    If you have a small opening in your faucet and the reducer adaptor does not work, then this item might do the trick. Inspect opening...
    Regular: $29.51 USD
    Online: $18.16 USD

  • Item #:R2233
    The original design threaded end was shallow and difficult to attach to a sink. Upgrade with this kit for deeper threads and a larger nut for ease...
    Price: $14.11 USD

  • Item #:R2045
    If your AquaMate I hose will not fit your sink, this short adaptor can help with the connection. Compatible with the AquaMate I only.
    Price: $11.57 USD

  • Item #:R2079
    Use this optional washer to prevent water leakage while using your short adaptor to hook your AquaMate I to your sink.
    Price: $0.17 USD

  • Item #:R2080
    This optional washer helps prevent water leakage while using a standard connection or a short adaptor to connect your AquaMate I to your sink.
    Price: $0.36 USD

  • Item #:R6861
    Washer to fit short adaptor to help prevent leaks while connected to faucet.
    Price: $0.36 USD

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