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Make your Rainbow or Rainmate pull double duty by adding a few drops of our fragrances to the water basin and say goodbye to sprays and candles!

We carry a wide range of fragrances that include everything from delicate baby powder, clean linen, and even holiday aromas like candy canes, pumpkin pie, and fresh baked apples!

Each bottle contains the following:

  • Isopropyl Alcohol - 1% to 10%
  • Fragrance Compound - 10% to 20%
  • Ethyl Alcohol - 65% to 75%
Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
  • Item #:FP
    Give your home the scent of fresh potpourri without the mess or the upkeep. Just use a few drops of our floral potpourri home fragrance.
    Price: $4.49 USD

  • Item #:FA
    Turn any room in your home into a fresh apple orchard with this incredible fragrance reminiscent of fresh picked apples.
    Price: $4.49 USD

  • Item #:FL
    Bring the soothing and clean aroma of freshly laundered linens to your home all the time. Try out this crisp and subtle fragrance today!
    Price: $4.49 USD

  • Item #:FE
    Turn any room in your home into a soothing retreat with the aroma of frosty spearmint and fragrance eucalyptus.
    Price: $4.49 USD

  • Item #:Gar
    The sweet and spicy aroma of gardenia flowers adds a gentle and pleasing fragrance to any room in your house which will leave you feeling refreshed.
    Price: $4.49 USD

  • Item #:GC
    Feel the warmth and love of your childhood anytime you want with the aroma of grandma's cookin. Try it anywhere that needs a special touch.
    Price: $4.49 USD

  • Item #:Gra
    Lighten the mood in any room with the playful aroma of grapes. Enjoy this sweet treat anywhere that needs a breath of fresh air.
    Price: $4.49 USD

  • Item #:GA
    The sweet crisp fragrance of green apple is at your fingertips with our newest home fragrance for your Rainbow Vacuum or RainMate.
    Price: $4.49 USD

  • Item #:HS
    Make every room in your house smell as clean and fresh as a springtime morning with the sweet, floral, and understated honeysuckle scent.
    Price: $4.49 USD

  • Item #:IB
    Our refreshing island breeze home fragrance allows you to experience the clean tropical scent of an island getaway in any room of your house.
    Price: $4.49 USD

  • Item #:IS
    Experience the rich scents of our sweet and spicy island spice fragrance for use with your vacuum or on its own with a convenient spray top.
    Price: $4.49 USD

  • Item #:JB
    The subtle but slightly spicy floral home fragrance of jasmine bouquet will infuse your home with the exotic aromas of the Far East.
    Price: $4.49 USD

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