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Fragrance Accents

By using Rogers Refresher Accents while vacuuming, you can scent the air around you that often stirs up unwanted smells.

Refresher Liquid Accents a high-grade oil that helps extend the length of use. With such a large selection, you can be sure to find more than a few that will become your favorite. When attaching a fragrance to the air, you do not get the same poor experience as a spray based fragrance scents. They can be easy to use but their application is usually not well spread; leaving a scent that is stronger in some spots and barely noticeable in others.

In addition to inconsistent coverage, spray-based fragrance scents can leave a build-up or in some cases a stain on fabrics as it settles and covers anything in its way. Spray applicators are designed to exert a fine mist; however, that is in many instances, not the results. Many times, spray fragrances, have a rather thick spray that can have even worse effects.

Our Refresher liquid accents can be added directly to the water in the Rainbow or sprayed directly on vacuum cleaner bags and filters. As the vacuum pulls in air and filters it back out, the fragrance blends in the air and leaves a much longer scent than a spray option can provide.

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