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Give every floor in your home the best clean possible by choosing the right accessory! Choose the RainJet for tile and hardwood floors, or attach one of the RainbowMates or Power Nozzles for any type of carpet or rug.

You can even clean your windows and mirrors just by adding the sprayer attachment and filling it with a cleaning solution!

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JetPad / SuperMop
JetPad / SuperMop Item #:R15798

No need to use separate tools to mop and dust your bare floors. With the JetPad attachment for your RainJet, you can now do both!

Regular: $48.75 USD
Online: $45.00 USD

  • Item #:R15005C
    This thirty foot electrified hose fits the e2 Black (E2 Type 12) model Rainbow. With thirty feel of hose, you can complete any cleaning job in...
    Regular: $262.02 USD
    Online: $222.78 USD

  • Item #:R14860
    Standard self docking electrified wand assembly for the e2 Black (E2 Type 12) version Rainbow system. Delivers electricity to the PN-12 power...
    Regular: $58.50 USD
    Online: $36.00 USD

  • Item #:R14022
    This longer, self-docking wand fits your e2 Black Rainbow and gives a further reach, allowing you to clean ceiling corners or high shelves.
    Regular: $70.20 USD
    Online: $43.20 USD

  • Item #:R15194
    Now clean your shag carpets faster and easier with this floor tool assembly with shag plate built for the E2 Type 12 (e2 Black, Silver) models.
    Regular: $37.67 USD
    Online: $23.18 USD

  • Item #:R15775
    These scrubbing pads fit on your SuperMop attachment for your RainJet. The machine-washable design is both cost-effective and convenient.
    Price: $17.88 USD

  • Item #:R9254C
    Double the length of the standard 7 foot hose that comes with the Rainbow system. Very nice for reaching your ceiling fan without holding the...
    Regular: $64.09 USD
    Online: $48.74 USD

  • Item #:R13076
    This standard hose fits all E2 Type 12 and E-2 Rainbows. The longer thirty foot design has many advantages.
    Regular: $155.19 USD
    Online: $95.50 USD

  • Item #:R14444
    This squeegee tool cleans your floors like never before. The brush end fits hard to reach places and the squeegee gives you a streak free shine.
    Price: $25.35 USD

  • Item #:R14918
    Clean your tile, linoleum, and hardwood floors efficiently with this complete squeegee system complete with the sponge, squeegee, and brush tools.
    Price: $44.85 USD

  • Item #:R5085
    This brush accessory for your squeegee attachments allows a thorough and heavy-duty cleaning of carpets, rugs, and upholstery.
    Price: $9.20 USD

  • Item #:R5083
    Replace the bristles on your squeegee attachment with a sponge for easier and more thorough cleaning of hard floors and linoleum.
    Regular: $7.93 USD
    Online: $5.84 USD

  • Item #:R15212
    This sponge and squeegee combo offers a light cleaning alternative to heavy scrub brushes. Use this item in conjunction with your RainJet.
    Regular: $31.20 USD
    Online: $19.20 USD

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