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D4 Rainbow Motor Brush, Version 2 (100-240v)

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* Seat:

Brand: Rainbow®
Manufacturer: Rexair
Item Number: R5125
Condition: New
Availability: In Stock
Warranty: 3 Years
Weight: 0lbs 0.2oz

D4 Rainbow Motor Brush, Version 2 (100-240v)
D4 Rainbow Motor Brush, Version 2 (100-240v)

This item is sold each. If you need a pair to replace both sides on your motor, then please add a quantity of (2) to your cart.

Tall motor brush (.589 inches wide or between 9/16 and 5/8 inch) for the D4 SE (Special Edition) motor design that became effective serial number 7520715 and fits the R5124 tall brush holder. Cannot be used with the older armature design that uses the shorter motor brushes.

At one point, Rexair manufactured a high-amp motor brush (R6592) but on September 19th 2000 they discontinued due to the grade of carbon no longer being available. If you have already replaced your carbon brushes before and are unsure if you have the standard or hi-amp motor brushes, Rexair recommends you replace these in pairs so as not to mix with the R6592.

* SELECT OPTION: This item needs to be "seated" for proper life expectancy. We use a variable transformer (variac) to seat the brushes. If you are unable, we offer this as an optional service.

  • Not properly seating in the carbon brushes can cause brush and commutator damage leading to costly maintenance and downtime
  • By properly seating in the carbon brushes, it allows you to use rated current almost immediately
  • Change all carbon brushes at one time
  • Vacuum excess carbon dust to prevent from reaching machine windings and bearings

The M596 Seating Stone is only used to "clean up" the commutator of the armature and not meant to "seat" the brushes. If you are not exactly sure how to "seat" your carbon brushes, the service fee that we charge is well worth it in the long run.

If you do not seat the motor brushes, you can expect about a one year life before they wear out.

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  • 5/5 By Mark M. On Feb 20th 2021

    "Excellent Business. Really helpful. Would definitely recommend."

  • 5/5 By Steve On Jan 2nd 2021

    "My 25 year old Rainbow runs like new now."

  • 5/5 By crenshaw On Sep 4th 2020

    "work real good good service from supplier"

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