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Fragrance, LTD

Knowing that your home is "Rainbow" clean is one thing. Letting everyone else know is another entirely. That's where Fragrances, Ltd enter the rainbow complete home cleaning system process. There's no better way to signify a freshly-cleaned home than to have nature's own wonderful aroma lingering in the air long after you've put your vacuum away. Whether you're aiming for:

  • crisp, natural smells of Lemon or Eucalyptus & Menthol;
  • homely fragrances of Butter Cream or Grandma's Cookin';
  • comforting scents like Fresh Linen or Baby Powder.

you can transform your home effortlessly without the need for sprays or candles. By simply adding Fragrances, Ltd. concentrated droplets to the water basin of your rainbow or rainmate cleaning system, anyone who walks through the front door will be instantly hit with the sense of a cherished home.

About the Fragrances, Ltd. scents and reputation

Many of the 39 scents in the Fragrances, Ltd. range are inspired by the 25-year old company's natural surroundings in Shenandoah Valley, VA. As well as encapsulating the essence of their surrounding valley, Fragrances, Ltd. drop-top bottle scents are the most concentrated fragrance oils in the industry, providing demonstrably longer-lasting scent than cheaper imitations. As testament to both their quality and longevity as a brand, Fragrances, Ltd. not only supply fragrances for rainbow, but many of the other leading water filtration vacuum manufacturers, too. Their knowledge of the market enables them to produce the appropriate volume of scents to suit the seasonal demands of the vacuum fragrance market:

  • Spring Rain and Gardenia for when we finally see out winter
  • nothing says 'fall' like Baked Apple and Pumpkin Pie for fall
  • Pina Colada and Tropical Fruits for the height of summer
  • and a whole host of cinnamon smells and Frosty Eucalyptus to prepare us for winter once more

No matter what time of year, you can find a scent from the Fragrances, Ltd. range to enhance your home, boost your mood and deliver the satisfaction that only a squeaky-clean home can engender.


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