Power Nozzle R-1650C / R-1650A Schematics

R-1650C / R-1650AWhether you need a new brush roll, or just need an belt, we can help! Find everything from the pilot light to a new motor just by clicking below and browsing for your part.

You can also use the search bar above to enter the part number for even faster results or download the schematics to get a detailed view.

This model had two versions in the United States so be sure to confirm if you have an R-1650A or an R-1650C.

Below are images breaking down the complete Rainbow R-1650C or R-1650A power nozzle. Click on each area of the system to get a more in-depth view.

Effective serial number "?" with a start date of March 1980 through serial number "?" and an end date of April 1986.

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