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From 1955 to current production, there are only three options for the dolly. This makes it very easy to find the correct one to fit your model.

The standard hose only has two options that cover all the version Rainbows. The electric hose also has three options keeping it very simple to find the part you need.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
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Electric Hose / Handle, 8 Ft, PN2/R4375
Electric Hose / Handle, 8 Ft, PN2/R4375 Item #:R5826

Standard factory original OEM 8 foot electric hose that fits the following models: PN-2 / R-4375C / R-2800C* / R-1650C* *Cord length ...

Price: $120.54 USD

  • Item #:R9254C
    Double the length of the standard 7 foot hose that comes with the Rainbow system. Very nice for reaching your ceiling fan without holding the...
    Regular: $64.09 USD
    Online: $48.74 USD

  • Item #:R6630
    If you hate to move the Rainbow, then this hose is for you. You should be able to reach everywhere with this. If you don't have carpet and...
    Price: $79.07 USD

  • Item #:R13076
    This standard hose fits all E2 Type 12 and E-2 Rainbows. The longer thirty foot design has many advantages.
    Regular: $155.19 USD
    Online: $95.50 USD

  • Item #:R13056
    This electrified hose fits all E-2 (e SERIES™) Rainbows except the Black version. The 30 foot long design helps you clean every room and surface...
    Regular: $262.02 USD
    Online: $239.00 USD

  • Item #:R15005C
    This thirty foot electrified hose fits the e2 Black (E2 Type 12) model Rainbow. With thirty feel of hose, you can complete any cleaning job in...
    Regular: $262.02 USD
    Online: $222.78 USD

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