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This category covers the complete PN-2E power nozzle Silver and late Gold version assembly that includes the motor, brush roll, and pivot arm.

Effective serial number 7763130 with a start date of July 13th 2005 through current production.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
  • Item #:R13363
    Front sole plate for the PN-2E Silver and PN-2E Gold version power nozzle snap together design. Effective serial number 7645116 with a start date...
    Price: $24.51 USD

  • Item #:R12900
    Manifold for the Silver version PN-2E power nozzle motor design. Works with the R12918 motor design. This is a snap together design and does not...
    Regular: $49.49 USD
    Online: $42.98 USD

  • Item #:R11909
    Rear sole plate for the PN-2E Silver and Gold version snap together design. Works with both the R11675 manifold and the R12900 manifold. If you...
    Regular: $24.51 USD
    Online: $15.08 USD

  • Item #:R12903
    Main power cord for the new PN-2E Silver and late version PN-2E Gold power nozzle. Plugs directly into and works with the R12918 motor...
    Regular: $16.06 USD
    Online: $9.88 USD

  • Item #:R11092
    The thumb wheel on the PN-2E power nozzle helps raise and lower the height of the power nozzle for varying height of your carpet.
    Regular: $18.66 USD
    Online: $11.48 USD

  • Item #:R6062
    Stripped brush roll for the power nozzle model PN-2E and PN-2. This item does include the end bearings.
    Price: $38.77 USD

  • Item #:R5597
    Brush strip for the R5590 brush roll assembly. The brush roll requires four total and needs to be installed correctly. Look closely on how the...
    Price: $5.85 USD

  • Item #:R6359
    If you have an issue with your power nozzle "skipping" across the carpet, then this replacement part can help.You can also try vacuuming in a...
    Price: $5.85 USD

  • Item #:R6573
    Beater strip without bristles for the R5590 brush roll assembly. Fits the PN-2E and PN-2 power nozzle.
    Price: $2.86 USD

  • Item #:R5820
    Belt cover for the model PN2E and PN2 power nozzle.
    Regular: $2.73 USD
    Online: $1.68 USD

  • Item #:R8149
    Factory OEM replacement bumper for the PN-2E power nozzle. This part helps keep your furniture and walls from getting damaged while vacuuming.
    Regular: $9.00 USD
    Online: $5.54 USD

  • Item #:R13799
    Cover assembly for the model PN-2E Silver version power nozzle. Does not have the circuit breaker hole or the red power light.
    Price: $32.50 USD

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