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Rainbow Vacuum Power Nozzle PN-2 (PE) Electric Hose Assembly

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This category covers the complete PN-2 power nozzle electric hose assembly that includes the handle kit, button lock, and switch actuator.

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Button Lock, Stainless, E2
Button Lock, Stainless, E2 Item #:R12587

Factory original genuine button lock assembly that connects all the metal wands together. This item has had several revisions. Effective serial number 1160328 domestic and 1685730 international. The wider current version compared...

Price: $1.17 USD

  • Item #:R6974
    Straight extension wand with button lock and button hole. This wand works directly with the R5661 standard wand for the PN-2 power nozzle. Total length is 19 inches for a total of 50 1/2 inches when combined with the R5661...
    Price: $48.75 USD

  • Item #:R5826
    Standard factory original OEM 8 foot electric hose that fits the following models: PN-2 / R-4375C / R-2800C* / R-1650C* *Cord length should be cut down to 43 inches for proper configuration on R-2800C and R-1650C models. This...
    Price: $120.54 USD

  • Item #:R6055
    Original OEM factory standard six foot electric hose for your PN-2 and R-4375C model power nozzle. If your hose is torn, then replace only the hose and use your existing handle kit and wand with insert. Effective June 9th 2000,...
    Price: $97.42 USD

  • Electric Hose, 12 Ft, PN2/R4375
    Item #:R6238
    Upgrade your standard 6 Ft hose to this 12 Ft hose. You will need to exchange out your handle assembly from your old hose.
    Price: Discontinued

  • Item #:R5975
    Actuator switch for the PN-2 model power nozzle electric hose. This trigger uses a metal spring and not a plastic arm to allow movement in handle.
    Price: $4.76 USD

  • Item #:R6893
    Actuator spring for the first version PN-2E and PN-2 power nozzle. Works with the R5975 actuator switch.
    Price: $0.78 USD

  • Handle Kit, PN2
    Item #:R6908K
    Handle kit for the PN-2 and R-4375C power nozzle electric hose. Works with the R5975 actuator switch that came standard on the PN-2 system. This new handle kit design now uses (7) H566 screws. Older handle kits only used (6). Be sure...
    Price: Discontinued

  • Item #:H566
    This screw connects the hose to the handle assembly. It fits the R5826 electric hose, early PN-2E power nozzle hose, and the newer AquaMate I system.
    Price: $0.23 USD

  • Item #:R6942
    This receptacle can sometimes wear out and the cord does not stay in place. Replacing will fix this issue. Power nozzle handle receptacle for the PN-2 and R-4375C electric hose assembly.
    Regular: $11.05 USD
    Online: $6.80 USD

  • Item #:R5295
    Electric hose switch that fits in the PN-2E and PN-2 power nozzle.
    Price: $7.54 USD

  • Item #:R8142
    Insert handle for the original PN-2 and PN-2E electric hose system. Remove screws in handle to replace. If your wand pulls out of the handle easily, then this part could be cracked.
    Regular: $6.47 USD
    Online: $3.98 USD

  • Item #:R6606
    Stainless steel wand and insert for the PN-2 power nozzle electric hose. Some original chrome wands have R3113 on the warning label. This is a revised OEM factory item.
    Price: $29.71 USD

  • US: 800-523-0510
  • Int: +1 301 791 9669
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