Rainbow Vacuum E-2 (e SERIES™) Face Plate / Rear Cover (First Version) Parts - Page 2

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This category covers the complete Rainbow (e SERIES™) face plate assembly as well as the rear cover assembly.

These items include the water pan neck, shroud, and springs on the face plate and the cord caddy ears, exhaust cover, and retainers on the rear cover assembly.

Effective serial number 9000000 with a start date of August 5th 1998 through serial number 9279999 and an end date of March 26th 2000.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
  • Item #:R7326
    Cord caddy slide that fits the R7384 rear cover assembly to the early version E-2 (e SERIES™).
    Price: $1.72 USD

  • Item #:H571
    This small, common screw is used in multiple locations, including the R-8401 motor in PN-2 and early PN-2E power nozzles.
    Price: $0.16 USD

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