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Cleaning your carpets has never been easier! The AquaMate I is the perfect tool for cleaning with an unlimited amount of supply water due to the faucet hose connection. If yours has started to leak or not disperse water, it may just need a new part.

Many of the parts can be replaced easily, such as the front plate, fluid control assembly, or even the faucet end connections. We even carry kits for common repairs that need to be done, such as the faucet kit or the handle kit.

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Faucet Kit, AM I
Faucet Kit, AM I Item Number:AMKIT

This faucet kit comes with a variety of gaskets and adaptors to easily fit your Aqua Mate I shampooing system to any type of faucet.

Price: $$13.35 USD

Item Number:R6141
Actuator for the new design late version Special Edition AquaMate I shampooing system.
$ Price: $1.46 USD

Item Number:R6142
Bottle latch for all AquaMate I shampooing systems. Helps catch the bottle so it will not fall from the handle assembly.
$ Price: $2.37 USD

Item Number:R3238
Button lock for the plastic wands that came with the AquaMate I shampooing system. Easy snap in replacement.
$ Price: $0.85 USD

Item Number:R7868
Bottle fill button that fits all AquaMate I units.
$ Price: $0.52 USD

Item Number:R6140
New style wash / rinse selector switch for the eSERIES and late version Special Edition AquaMate I shampoo cleaning system.
$ Price: $2.29 USD

Item Number:R2407
Check ball that works with the R7868 bottle fill button that fits all AquaMate I units.
$ Price: $0.16 USD

Item Number:R2109
Plastic hose claim for various jobs from adding extra hose to replacing the threaded end nut.
$ Price: $2.37 USD

Item Number:R2264
No one enjoys clogged spray nozzles. Purchase this clean-out tool to clean out your AquaMate spray nozzle and increase your machine
$ Price: $0.36 USD

Item Number:R2108
Hose connector to allow you to add any length of supply hose to your AquaMate I system.
$ Price: $5.66 USD

Item Number:R2571
Control Rod for the AquaMate I units made prior to serial number 4519171.
$ Price: $3.80 USD

Item Number:R2397
Detergent inlet cap that fits all AquaMate I units.
$ Price: $0.52 USD

Item Number:R6146
Rubber end cap that fits over end of supply hose to stop water from leaking out of hose onto floor.
$ Price: $1.89 USD

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