Rainbow D4C (Special Edition) Motor Assembly Parts

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This category covers the complete Rainbow D4 (SE) motor assembly that includes the bearings, armature, separator, flange, and carbon brushes.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
  • Item #:H523
    This snap ring holds down the armature fan in all D3C model Rainbows. This part will need to be replaced when it no longer holds the armature tight.
    Price: $1.01 USD

  • Item #:R3242
    Original OEM motor for the D4C SE and D4C model Rainbow vacuum.
    Price: $397.41 USD

  • Item #:R4100
    OEM Rainbow model D4C SE (Special Edition) separator. Also fits the D4C and D3C upgrade.
    Regular: $22.26 USD
    Online: $13.70 USD

  • Item #:R4101
    This has to be purchased as a kit if you are replacing an original spider from a D4 or D3.
    Regular: $19.92 USD
    Online: $12.26 USD

  • Item #:H555
    Original separator nut for the R4100 D4 SE Rainbow. Retro fits back to the D3 with upgrade to spider and separator.
    Regular: $5.33 USD
    Online: $3.64 USD

  • Item #:H526
    The armature shaft nut holds the spider in place on all D4C and D3C models. Replace when evidence of corrosion or rust is present.
    Price: $1.46 USD

  • Item #:R5238
    Bottom OEM replacement bearing for the model D4SE and D4 Rainbow Vacuum.
    Price: $16.19 USD

  • Item #:R1981
    If your D4C SE (Special Edition), D4C, or D3C model Rainbow is making a loud noise or giving off a burning smell, replace the bearings during service.
    Price: $13.78 USD

  • Item #:R1987
    The bearing boot can become rusted due to misuse. Replace rusted, worn, or damaged boots to protect the integrity of the bearings and your machine.
    Price: $1.30 USD

  • Item #:R747
    This part fits the D4SE, D4, D3, and D2 model Rainbows.
    Regular: $14.98 USD
    Online: $9.22 USD

  • Item #:R2698
    The air deflector is located under the spider and is the first thing to show wear.
    Regular: $3.38 USD
    Online: $2.08 USD

  • Item #:R5319
    Original OEM replacement armature for the D4SE and D4 Rainbow.
    Regular: $210.08 USD
    Online: $189.00 USD

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