Rainbow D4C Main Unit Vacuum Parts

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As many D4C owners know, the high quality construction of the unit means that it will last for many years before it needs work. Often, the parts it needs the most are simple, such as a new bearing, carbon brushes, gaskets, or switch.

All of these parts are easy to locate, which is why many opt to replace them rather than purchase a new machine.

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Screw, #8-10 x .43 Inch, R747, D4
Screw, #8-10 x .43 Inch, R747, D4 Item Number:H542

Standard R747 flange screw for the model D4C SE (Special Edition) and D4C Rainbow. Most of the time, this screw will need to be replaced as the ...


Item Number:R312
This part is one of only a few items that is a replacement and not OEM. The reason is that on March 28, 2002, Rexair discontinued production on ...
$ $18.56

Item Number:H524
This nut holds the separator in place on all D3 and D4 model Rainbows. Replace if you are able to see the end of the motor shaft in your machine.
$ $4.23

Item Number:R4101
The spider sets directly under the separator and works directly with the R4100 separator. This spider and the R4100 separator was one of the ...
$ $16.61 $9.92

Item Number:R4100
Do you have a Rainbow model D3C, D4C, or D4C SE (Special Edition) model and need a replacement separator, we can help you and ask any questions ...
$ $18.56 $11.08

Item Number:R3242
Original OEM factory motor for the D4C SE (Special Edition) and D4C model Rainbow vacuum.
$ $287.41 $267.97

Item Number:R6178
Easily replace your broken latch for all versions of the D4C SE (Special Edition), D4C, D3C, and D3A Rainbow. Use a small punch and hammer to ...
$ $5.56 $4.47

Item Number:R5238
Bottom original OEM factory bearing for the model D4C SE (Special Edition) and D4C Rainbow vacuum. This bearing is located in the lower motor ...
$ $13.49

Item Number:R1981
If your D4C SE (Special Edition), D4C, or D3C model Rainbow is making a loud noise or giving off a burning smell, replace the bearings during ...
$ $11.47

Item Number:R4052
Factory OEM replacement electric cord for the model D4C SE (Special Edition) and D4C Rainbow.
$ $39.59 $23.66

Item Number:R2728
Factory OEM switch for the D4C SE (Special Edition) and D4C model Rainbow. This switch first came as pictured in the early version D4C that came ...
$ $19.27 $11.54

Item Number:R747
This part fits the D4C SE (Special Edition), D4C, D3C, D3A, D2A, D2, and D model Rainbows.Some designs only had four screw holes but now the ...
$ $12.48 $7.80

Item Number:R2698
This air deflector or sometimes called outer baffle plate almost always needs replaced. Will fit the model D4C SE (Special Edition) and D4C ...
$ $2.83 $2.00

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