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Rainbow Vacuum Model D3C Motor Design Parts

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This category covers the complete D3C motor assembly that includes the bearings, armature, separator, flange, and carbon brushes.

Effective serial number 4607000 with a start date of June 5th 1982 through serial number 5999999 and an end date of April 1986.

*Note: From serial number 4440000 (rough estimate) through serial number 454550, the "D3A" R1767 motor was standard. From 4545551 through 4607200, the revised R1909 armature and R2424 field was used.

Best Seller
Bearing, D4/D3
Bearing, D4/D3 Item #:R1981

If your D4C SE (Special Edition), D4C, or D3C model Rainbow is making a loud noise or giving off a burning smell, replace the bearings during ...

Price: $14.78 USD

  • Item #:R312
    If you have a model D4, D3, D2, or D Rainbow system and need the separator, we have you covered.
    Price: $26.55 USD

  • Item #:R2104
    If your original motor in your D3C, D3A, D2 or D model Rainbow is starting to wear out, purchase this brand new and upgraded replacement motor.
    Price: $287.41 USD

  • Spider, D4/D3, v1
    Item #:R1976
    This item has been discontinued and must be replaced with the improved design R4101. The spider sets under the separator and works directly with the separator. The R4101 spider and the R4100 separator was one of the upgrades when the...

  • Item #:H524
    This nut holds the separator in place on all D3 and D4 model Rainbows. For a short period on the model D4, this nut had an open top and allowed you to use a flat screwdriver to hold the motor in place. The problem with this design...
    Regular: $5.07 USD
    Online: $3.12 USD

  • Item #:R4100
    OEM Rainbow model D4C SE (Special Edition) separator. Also fits the D4C and D3C upgrade.
    Regular: $22.26 USD
    Online: $13.70 USD

  • Item #:H555
    Original separator nut for the R4100 D4 SE Rainbow. Retro fits back to the D3 with upgrade to spider and separator.
    Regular: $6.40 USD
    Online: $3.94 USD

  • Spider, D4/D3, v2
    Item #:R4101
    This item has had several upgrades over the years since it was first introduced with the Special Edition model D4C Rainbow. It was originally a gray color matching the original separator. Then it changed to a yellow-tan color that...

  • Item #:H526
    The armature shaft nut holds the spider in place on all D4C and D3C models. Replace when evidence of corrosion or rust is present.
    Price: $1.76 USD

  • Item #:R1974
    The armature is the heart of the motor and will need to be replaced if you detect a burning smell in your D3C Rainbow.
    Price: $102.18 USD

  • Item #:R1991
    The upper bearing for the D3C Rainbow is installed in this bearing plate. Any squealing noise you hear may signify that the plate needs replacing.
    Price: $41.02 USD

  • Air Deflector, D3/D2
    Item #:R1424
    The air deflector is a common item to replace. This item is pressed into place so removal will damage and require a new install. Fits D3C, D3A, and D2A model Rainbows. Use the R747 flange to hammer this into the motor housing.

  • Item #:R1987
    The bearing boot can become rusted due to misuse. Replace rusted, worn, or damaged boots to protect the integrity of the bearings and your machine.
    Price: $2.88 USD

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  • Int: +1 301 791 9669
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