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This category covers the complete Rainbow D2A / D2 / D main housing assembly that includes the main power cord, switch, latches, and motor gasket.

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  • Item #:R625
    Over time the switch can wear out and break, we carry the exact replacement switch.
    Regular: $25.12 USD
    Online: $15.12 USD

  • Item #:R750
    Many times over the years the plastic on the switch cover becomes brittle and breaks.
    Price: $22.82 USD

  • Item #:R1279
    Original OEM factory metal main housing for all model D2A, D2, and model D Rainbow. This housing comes with a power nozzle receptacle. Comes...
    Price: $58.21 USD

  • Rivet, .120 Dia x .13, Stainless, D2
    Item #:H303
    This pop rivet is used for the latches and the serial number plate on the back of the main housing for all D2 model Rainbow Vacuums.
    Price: $0.20 USD

  • Item #:R631
    Latch spring for the metal housing that fits the model D2A, D2, and D Rainbow. This spring helps keep the latches up out of the way while removing...
    Price: $3.15 USD

  • Item #:R599
    Large rubber mounting ring that screws to the main housing and also mounts with the R747 flange to the motor.
    Regular: $28.31 USD
    Online: $14.16 USD

  • Item #:R1158
    The open - closed bushing is used to protect the wires that run in-between the main housing, and the motor housing. Without this part, over time,...
    Price: $0.33 USD

  • Item #:R598
    Large metal ring that mounts over the R599 rubber ring.
    Price: $32.40 USD

  • Item #:R1848
    Ground lead wire that connects from the main housing on a model D2A and D2 to the side of the motor housing.
    Price: $1.37 USD

  • Item #:H448
    Main screw for the model D2A, D2, and D main housing to the cap assembly. Comes with a lock washer to help keep screws from vibrating loose.
    Price: $0.16 USD

  • Item #:H378
    Use this screw to hold the flange down to the motor housing in the D2 or D3. Replace rusted or corroded screws for ease of service when needed.
    Price: $0.20 USD

  • Terminal, Field, Power, D3/D2
    Item #:R1853
    Wire terminals for the leads that connect the field to the switch on all D3, D2, and model D motors.
    Price: $1.46 USD

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