Rainbow Vacuum AquaMate I (e SERIES™) Complete Assembly Parts

This category covers the complete AquaMate I (e SERIES™) assembly that includes the handle kit, gaskets, and solution bottle.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
  • Item #:R6140
    New style wash / rinse selector switch for the E-2 (e SERIES™) and second version Special Edition AquaMate I shampoo cleaning system. This item...
    Price: $1.53 USD

  • Item #:R2040
    This tubing clamp fits the AquaMate I system and keeps the supply lines from coming undone from their connections.
    Price: $1.01 USD

  • Item #:R11126
    This tube runs from the handle to the extractor head in the AquaMate II and I shampooing system which dispenses shampoo and clean water.
    Price: $9.23 USD

  • Item #:R9925
    Plastic curved wand for the E-2 (e SERIES™) AquaMate I shampooing system.
    Regular: $7.74 USD
    Online: $4.76 USD

  • Item #:R5426
    Fits the AquaMate II and all version AquaMate I systems. Upgrade your plastic wands from your AquaMate I to the new stainless steel. Allows...
    Regular: $54.41 USD
    Online: $33.48 USD

  • Item #:R2846
    Plastic straight wand that will fit all AquaMate I systems.
    Price: $13.65 USD

  • Item #:R9937
    Complete handle and hose control network assembly for the e SERIES™ AquaMate I.
    Price: $104.00 USD

  • Item #:R9942
    Complete extractor head assembly for the e SERIES™ AquaMate I.
    Price: $46.05 USD

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