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The items listed in this category will fit many different Rainbow vacuum models and attachments.

From the RainMate that allows you to add fragrance or air freshner to the air, or a storage bag for your AquaMate or other attachments and accessories.

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners
  • Item #:R3299
    Maintenance label for the main housing or water pan. Help remind yourself on the steps to keep your Rainbow running like new.
    Price: $1.04 USD

  • Item #:R9679
    This cord allows for you to use your PN-2E power nozzle with your standard hose. Some people find that squeezing the trigger on the electric hose...
    Price: $36.11 USD

  • Item #:M396
    This part is used to clean up the commutator on all armatures in virtually all Rainbow vacuums and power nozzles.
    Price: $4.39 USD

  • Item #:R979
    This item is sold each. If you need a pair to replace both sides on your motor, then please add a quantity of (2) to your cart. Original OEM...
    Price: $37.84 USD

  • Item #:R12
    Here is an almost impossible to find high quality upper bearing for the model C, B, and A Rexair cleaning system. If there is an option to keep...
    Price: $65.52 USD

  • Item #:R3816
    Replacement pin for the R2709 attachment caddy latch. Easy replacement and costs much less than purchasing an entire caddy.
    Price: $0.55 USD

  • Item #:R1826
    Extractor head for use in small jobs or small areas. Great for automobile, carpet steps, closets, furniture, etc. Works will all model Rainbow...
    Price: $17.78 USD

  • Item #:R15683
    This Black version RainMate freshens, deodorizes, and scents the air in your home or office easily and completely with a radius of 500 square feet.
    Price: $76.88 USD

  • Item #:R15681
    The Ivory version RainMate deodorizes, freshens, and scents your air instantly. Use any of our fragrances in the water pan and let the magic happen.
    Price: $76.88 USD

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