Rainbow D4C Power Nozzle (R-2800) Vacuum Parts

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If your Power Nozzle feels a little weaker than it used to, it may just need new parts. Browse our selection of belts, cords, and brushes and find exactly what you need to get your Power Nozzle running again.

Many of these parts are inexpensive, making them the affordable choice when it comes to handling an aging attachment.

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Belt, P/Nozzle
Belt, P/Nozzle Item Number:R1699

Wear and tear on the belt is the number one loss of performance in the power nozzle. Replace once a year to keep your machine up to spec.

$3.50 $1.95

Item Number:R1871
The motor in your R-series power nozzle can last a very long time, but eventually will begin to wear down and need to be replaced.
$61.94 $35.20

Item Number:R1866
If you experience a loss of performance with your power nozzle, you may need to replace the brush roll. Use to replace worn bristles or beater bars.
$64.45 $44.50

Item Number:R1690
Use this brush roll to replace damaged beater bars or worn bristles in your R-series power nozzle to gain back your machine

Item Number:R1744
If you experience overheating or squealing in your power nozzle, a damaged bearing may be to blame. Replace easily with this factory replacement.
$13.98 $8.34

Item Number:R1698
Use this washer to shim the end bearings on all R-series power nozzles to prevent unnecessary movement and wear.

Item Number:R3300
Original OEM factory direct replacement pivot arm and housing assembly for the R-4375C, R-2800C, R-1650C, and R-1650A model power nozzle. Easy ...
$24.05 $14.36

Item Number:R1695
If the beater bar on your R-series power nozzle becomes damaged, nicked, or worn, replacement is a very simple process.

Item Number:R4663
End bronze bearing / bushing for the R1871 side belt power nozzle motor.For the low cost of this item, well worth replacing as it is a wear ...
$3.06 $1.76

Item Number:R4662
Replacement carbon brushes for the side belt power nozzle motor.
$2.28 $2.20

Item Number:R1045
This replacement cord strap keeps the power cord, which runs from the power nozzle to the main unit, attached to the hose.

Item Number:R2775
Original factory OEM slide value guide part. This item works with the slide valve to help control air flow. On the high setting, all airflow ...
$6.47 $3.86

Item Number:R1990
It is important to have your slide valve in good shape as it helps redirect the air flow to create maximum performance.
$1.85 $1.10

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